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A guide to product metrics
2-part series


If you didn’t have a chance to participate in a live version of our acclaimed A Guide to Product Metrics workshop, be sure to tune in to this two-part instructional video that will help you build an analytics strategy that’s right for your company. Part 1 will focus on finding your focus metric, while part 2 delves into establishing the supporting metrics you need for checks and balances. This is a great refresher piece for those who attended the workshop but want to revisit the frameworks discussed and share them across their team.


Watch to learn:

  • How to build a custom analytics strategy for your company’s needs
  • How to apply these concepts in order to differentiate yourself as a product leader and grow your career
  • How leading brands picked their key product metrics and the frameworks they used to develop their own analytics strategy



Pranav Kashyap Group Product Manager @ Mixpanel

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