Ask a PM: AMA with Vlado Hruda, Sr. Product Manager at Mixpanel


Join us for this exciting installment of Ask a PM, a virtual event series dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, and best practices straight from the product management trenches.

In this edition, we’re bringing you an exclusive AMA with Vlado Hruda, Mixpanel’s very own Senior Product Manager (formerly of Google), and moderated by Product Designer, Katie Siu. Whether you need help finding your focus metric, leveraging product analytics to answer UX-related questions, or driving retention, Vlado will answer the questions that matter most to you.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear firsthand insights from a product manager on a product made for PMs by PMs.


About Vlado:

Vlado Hruda is a Senior Product Manager at Mixpanel working on the UX product team. Prior to Mixpanel, he spent 7 years at Google, and then dabbled in the startup world, running a startup in the healthcare sector. Vlado is always down to talk about UX, design, and measuring product success.



Vlado Hruda Sr. Product Manager @ Mixpanel

Katie Siu
Katie Siu Product Designer @ Mixpanel