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Metrics that Matter (India) Survey Results

How India product teams use data to build better products and drive business growth

Are product managers located in one part of India and not another? What key metrics are India product teams tracking and how do these differ by industry? Are they able to do this effectively? And most of all, do product managers in India look at different metrics from their global peers?

Mixpanel and Product Tank Pune surveyed over 160 product managers and leaders across India to find out:

  • How India product teams use data in their work
  • What metrics do they care about, how this differs by industry, and how effective they are at measuring these metrics
  • What challenges India product teams face in their use of data and how this differs by company size
  • How are India product teams similar and different from their global peers

Learn about the survey findings and hear from our panelists about product management trends in India.


Amit Godbole
Amit Godbole Product Manager, Product Tank Pune Organizer

lovekshitij Suryavanshi
Lovekshitij Suryavanshi Product Manager, Product Tank Mumbai Organizer

Sourabh Ahuja
Sourabh Ahuja Senior Manager, Growth, Video @ Flipkart