Product Morning Mixer with Mixpanel + Human37 - Mixpanel

Product Morning Mixer with Mixpanel + Human37

  • 90Mins
Event Address: Comet Place Stéphanie 20 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Every digital-first company aspires to be an expert at using their product data. But according to a survey of product teams globally, nearly 60% of organisations find themselves stuck at an intermediate level.

Leveling up hinges on getting the right data stack in place so you can ask tougher questions of your data and empower more cross-functional decision making. But where to begin?

During this morning session, we break down the success requirements for product analytics and how you can work your way up to an Expert level of maturity–with a double click into the modern data stack that powers it all. We will also discuss how necessary it is to implement and enforce a strong product culture. Human37 will take you through a series of concrete client cases, and share their vision on (1) what it means to have a strong product culture and (2) how to get there as a company.

Don’t miss out on learning:
-The traits that define each stage of product analytics maturity
- What to consider when progressing through the various stages
- What it means to have a strong product culture & how to get there

  • 8:30am – Welcome + Full Breakfast / Coffee

  • 9:00am-9:45am – Mixpanel & Human37 present Product Driven Culture Model & Product Maturity Matrix

  • 9:45am – 10:30am Networking + Coffee

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