Understanding the state of product analytics in Asia Pacific

How today’s leading product teams are using data to drive product-led growth—and what the future may hold.

We asked nearly 500 leading product professionals around the globe—from SMBs to Fortune 100 enterprises—about what metrics matter most to them, how they use data to drive product innovation, and the barriers and challenges they face to becoming data-driven, in order to bring you our first-ever State of Product Analytics report, in partnership with Product School.

Join Mixpanel, Optimizely, and guest panelists, Peter Gorman, Global VP of Product and Technology, Berlitz Corporation, and Apinand Dabpetch, Head of Platform, TrueMoney in this webinar.


Peter Gorman Global VP of Product and Technology, Berlitz Corporation

Peter is the VP of Product and Technology at Berlitz where he manages teams around the world to drive scalable solutions and performance optimisation targeted at business efficiency and customer experience.

Apinand Dabpetch Head of Wallet Platform, TrueMoney

Apinand is responsible for the business and growth of TrueMoney Wallet as a financial platform since 2013. Through agile iterations, data-driven insights, and gamification, he grew the e-Wallet service from an MVP mobile app with a few thousand users to become the largest mobile financial service in Thailand, with over 7 million MAUs. This success formula is being expanded to TrueMoney Wallet in 5 ASEAN countries.