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Understanding the state of product analytics in Israel

We asked nearly 500 leading product professionals around the globe—from SMBs to Fortune 100 enterprises—about what metrics matter most to them, how they use data to drive product innovation and the barriers and challenges they face to becoming data-driven, in order to bring you our first-ever State of Product Analytics report, in partnership with Product School.

Now, we’re going even deeper to help you understand not just how today’s product teams are driving growth and innovation with data, but what the future may hold as we navigate a new world brought on by COVID-19. 

Join us on Thursday, June 25 at 10:00 IDT as Mixpanel sits down with Yoav Yechiam of Y-Perspective, a firm specializing in product strategy and analytics, and Kobi Stok of WalkMe, an Israel-based unicorn that helps companies integrate user-centric walkthroughs into their software, to go beyond the survey and discuss how they have seen the report’s findings unfold in the real world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear:

  • How companies across industries in Israel are leveraging product analytics to drive product led-growth.
  • The top 5 pitfalls every product manager should not fall into when planning for analytics.
  • Stories of how successful brands use data to make key product and engagement decisions.
  • Early trends in how the role of product analytics is changing due to COVID-19.


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Kobi Stok SVP Product, WalkMe

Yoav Yechiam Product Strategy & Analytics Consultant, Y-Perspective / Product Alliance

Guillaume Runser Alliance Partnerships Manager, Mixpanel

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