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Creating brilliant customer experiences with data


The companies that innovate the fastest do it by listening closely to customers and using data to inform key product and marketing decisions. They go through a continuous loop of gathering knowledge, testing hypotheses, and making iterative improvements to enhance their customer experience—setting them apart from the competition.

These concepts are simple, but implementing them is far from it. Join us to hear how our panel of experts have tackled them successfully.


You’ll walk away with:

  • Methods for prioritizing how and where you gather knowledge
  • Ways to leverage qualitative research alongside user data
  • How to breed a culture of using data to innovate
  • Stories of learning and success from our panelists



Joy Allan Relationship Manager @ Mixpanel

Jack Bullimore Co-Founder @ Tone & Sculpt

Steven Lucas Head of Customer Experience @ Receipt Bank

Anna Ala-Nissila Marketing Manager of Owned Channels @ EasyPark

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