Better strategize your customer journey - Mixpanel

Better strategize your customer journey

Successfully engaging the customer with the right content at the right time has become key for many companies that seek to drive conversions and retention. The challenge is, how can you best achieve this?

Join Airship, Apptimize, and Mixpanel as we explore:

  • the key challenges in creating better customer journeys
  • the role of data and insights in driving improved customer journeys
  • how in-app optimization and A/B testing can significantly improve your results

We show you in a live demo, how Airship, Apptimize, and Mixpanel come together to help you operationalize a laser-focused, targeted, and personalized customer journey across mobile channels.


Rafael Loh Solutions Consultant APAC, Mixpanel

Rafael works with Mixpanel customers to help them get deeper insights into how users are interacting with their product. He has also worked extensively with e-commerce companies to help them build their customer engagement, loyalty and AI capabilities.

david cook
David Cook Manager, Solutions Engineering EMEA & APAC, Airship

David has been with Airship for over 4 years and manages the Solutions Engineering team across the region. This team of technical and product experts ensure our customers receive the optimum solution to drive ongoing success from the partnership with Airship and Apptimize.

Jean-Philippe Lefebvre Enterprise Consultant, Apptimize

Jean-Philippe heads new business development for Apptimize in EMEA and has been working in mobile for the last 4 years helping companies strategically grow their apps.