Getting Started with Mixpanel: Implementation 101 - Mixpanel

Getting Started with Mixpanel: Implementation 101

On-Demand Demo | 47 minutes

Though most companies strive to be data-driven, a recent survey of nearly 500 product leaders across the globe revealed that only 10% reported being able to validate important decisions with data. Just having the data at your disposal simply isn’t enough. To harness your data’s power, you need to operationalize it with product analytics—and to successfully do that, you need a bulletproof implementation.

Join us to find out how a strong analytics implementation strategy can enable you and your team to make effective, data-backed decisions, faster.


You’ll learn:

  • The events all companies (including you!) should be tracking
  • The differences between events and properties—and why they both matter
  • How to implement Mixpanel using the Javascript SDK
  • How to derive actionable insights from your data


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