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Intro to Mixpanel: product demo video

On-demand | 10 minutes

Interested in driving product adoption, boosting acquisition, reducing churn, and improving profitability? Want a closer look at how Mixpanel can help? Our experts dive into Mixpanel’s most popular reports, features, and use cases to show you how you can use your data to impact your top-line KPIs and grow your business.


In this 10-minute demo video, we’ll cover:

  • Segmentation — Who are my most profitable users, and what should I do with that info?
  • Conversion rates — Where are users dropping out of the funnel?
  • Impact — When I push a new feature or run an experiment, how can I easily see what happened?
  • Ease of use — How can I do all this without a PhD in Astrophysics or writing SQL?


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