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Inside Mixpanel: Demo (APAC)

11.00am Bangalore | 12.30pm Bangkok, Jakarta | 1.30pm Manila, Singapore, Taipei | 2.30pm Seoul, Tokyo | 4.30pm Sydney

Do you know how you can use product insights to drive growth?

Join us in our upcoming demo where we’ll show you, using an e-commerce example, how you can answer questions like:

  • Where are my users within the customer lifecycle?
  • How are my users converting at each stage of the lifecycle, and how long do they take to convert?
  • How can I identify hidden opportunities for conversion?
  • How can I better optimize profit margin?
  • Are my users coming back to purchase the second time or do they stop at the first purchase?
  • What can I measure the impact of my website banners on conversion?


Rafael Loh Solutions Consultant, APAC