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Mixpanel for QSRs: Product demo video


If you’re a QSR, chances are your mobile app has gone from a customer’s afterthought to your single most important product overnight. As the industry drastically shifts from an in-person model to a largely web-first one, how do you rapidly innovate to meet demand and edge out the competition? The answers lie in the data you likely already have. All you need are the right tools.

See how QSRs, fast-casual concepts, and convenience chains are using Mixpanel to drive product adoption, boost acquisition, reduce churn, and improve profitability. Our experts will dive into our most popular reports, features, and use cases to show you how you can use your data to understand your customers, innovate your product, and stay ahead of the curve—even in uncertain times.


Don’t miss out on learning how to:

  • Discern important information about your users and your product—from average check amount to average discount rate, easily turn your data into insights
  • Understand which offers are leading to the highest conversions—and which ones are falling flat
  • Optimize your checkout process
  • Decrease cart abandonment
  • Use messaging tools to target and reach your customers



Claudia Sellers
Claudia Sellers Solutions Engineer @ Mixpanel

Mike Larkin
Mike Larkin Solutions Engineer @ Mixpanel

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