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AMA: Asana’s Head of Experience Research on building great experiences through understanding


Asana’s Head of Experience Research, Beth Toland, joins us for a special AMA (Ask Me Anything) on building great experiences through understanding. Whether you’re looking for guidance on cross-functional collaboration, developing a creative and flexible approach to your research, or facing the sometimes uncomfortable truths of your findings and turning them into impactful, data-driven insights, Beth will answer the questions that matter most to you. You won’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from a seasoned leader who’s been there, done that, and seen it all.

About Beth: Beth Toland is the Head of Experience Research at Asana. A seasoned researcher with a passion for data-informed design, she and her team work closely with Product partners to inspire vision and drive roadmap strategy. Prior to joining Asana, Beth led research teams at companies of all sizes and maturity—from consultancies to in-house organizations—having spent her early career at notable companies, including Sapient and Marriott.



Beth Toland Head of Experience Research @ Asana

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