Empowering your growing product team - Mixpanel

Empowering your growing product team


Akio Bandle, Senior Product Manager at ZipRecruiter and Neil Rahilly, VP of Product & Design at Mixpanel discuss strategies to build world-class product teams.

Both ZipRecruiter and Mixpanel boast world class, innovative product teams. Their secret? Clear goals that evolve as they build based on how customers react.

Neil will share how he helped grow his product team from the ground up through a no meetings culture that removed roadblocks and empowered employees to make quick decisions. Akio will share his product ethos, simply put—planning is overrated.​

If you or your team are forgetting to leave a seat at the table for your customer or wasting time getting roadmaps approved, this is an event you can’t miss.



Akio Bandle Senior Product Manager @ ZipRecruiter

Neil Rahilly VP of Product & Design @ Mixpanel

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Product decisions are crucial for the success of our companies, yet we frequently get them wrong. Often our framework for decision-making relies not on data, but instead on the basis of opinions, intuition, consensus, and biases. Even if we do have data, it’s not always interpreted correctly, or we may read too much into it. 

Join Itamar Gilad and learn how to strike the right balance between using data and intuition, to make decisions based on evidence. Modeled after the scientific method, Itamar will walk through his Confidence Meter, a tool he developed to help teams shorten the time spent on making product decisions while increasing the likelihood of making the right ones. 

About Itamar: Itamar is a coach, author, and speaker specializing in product management, strategy, and growth. Over the past 20 years, he held senior product management and engineering roles at Google, Microsoft, IBM, and a number of startups. At Google, Itamar worked on Gmail and YouTube. Among other things he launched Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox and lead Gmail’s growth team resulting in 1Bn monthly active users. Itamar writes a popular product management blog and is the creator of a number of product management methodologies including GIST planning and the Confidence Tool.

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