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GDPR & analytics: From cookies to consent


Of all the challenges in modern data strategy, consent management—the steps an organization takes to ensure that individuals have control over their data—is undeniably one of the hardest to navigate. It’s no secret that data is one of today’s most valuable commodities. In order to succeed, businesses must actively leverage their data to deliver the tailor-made products consumers have come to expect. And yet, long-term success hinges entirely upon using that data the right way—safely, ethically, and legally. But how do you do that? And what does that look like in the context of the still relatively new GDPR, ePrivacy Directive’s “cookie rule,” and the growing number of other global privacy laws and regulations?

Back by popular demand, Mixpanel’s Global Head of Privacy & Security, Peter Day, will be leading a session designed to help you create a leveled-up data strategy that accounts for effective consent management. Peter will share key trends emerging globally around consent, and the role it plays in analytics, as well as practical tips from the trenches. You’ll even have the chance to ask your most pressing questions.


Join to learn about:

  • Consent management in the European Union under the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive’s “cookie rule”
  • Consent management trends and implications from a broader global perspective
  • Practical tips and tricks for how to be data-driven in your product and analytics strategy—the right (and legal!) way



Peter Day Global Head of Privacy & Security @ Mixpanel

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