Innovation must go on—even in a tough economy

Driving product innovation can be tough when faced with a challenging business environment like what we’re facing today. Yet innovation remains a vital competitive edge for many products and companies.

Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy and former VP of Innovation at Qlik, shares his experiences in:

  • Why innovation can thrive even in a tough economy
  • How product owners can continue to innovate with limited resources 


Donald Farmer
Donald Farmer Principal at TreeHive Strategy and former VP of Innovation at Qlik

Donald is globally recognized as a product leader, speaker, patent holder and author. As VP of Innovation at Qlik, he was responsible for driving product strategy and innovation. He was also Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, where his drove cross functional innovation and strategy across Microsoft’s SQL Server group, contributing to SQL Server becoming the largest DB in the world. He now provides workshops, strategy planning and mentoring for software vendors and enterprises looking to strengthen and expand their business and products with a practical culture of analytics.

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