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Innovators: AMA with PiggyVest’s Co-Founder & COO and VP of Product Strategy

On-demand webinar | 45 minutes

Innovators: Behind the Product is a series dedicated to spotlighting leaders who are changing the way we think about product management.

In this edition, popular Nigerian fintech startup PiggyVest’s Co-Founder & COO, Odunayo Eweniyi, and VP of Product Strategy, Layo Ogunbanwo join us for an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything). Whether you need guidance on developing your product roadmap, you’re trying to build and scale a startup of your own, or you’re wondering how to create socially impactful products, Odunayo and Layo will the topics that matter most to you.

You won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to hear from two product visionaries who have been there, done that, and seen it all.


About Odunayo:

Odunayo Eweniyi is the Co-Founder & COO of PiggyVest, the largest digital and investment platform in Nigeria. A serial entrepreneur, she previously co-founded, one of the leading job sites in Africa with the largest database of pre-screened candidates. Among her many accolades, Odunayo has been named one of Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 in Technology as well as the youngest Nigerian on their list of 20 New Wealth Creators. She is a board member at Village Capital, the most active supporter of impact-driven, seed-stage entrepreneurs in the world, and works to support the inclusion of women in technology by working with hubs and female-focused networks like For Creative Girls, GreenHouse Labs, She Leads Africa, Itanna, etc.


About Layo:

Layo is the VP of Product Strategy at PiggyVest. She has over 9 years of diverse experience leading and working with cross-functional teams to drive company growth. Prior to joining Piggyvest, she was employee number 7 at Axxess, a US-based healthcare technology company, where she played a pivotal role in expanding their customer base to more than 7,000 clients and team to more than 200 employees. She is passionate about technology products, marketing, and social impact. In addition to being an active member of Product Tank, Layo is a Google for Startups Accelerator Africa mentor, where she shares her knowledge and expertise to help startups grow.



Odunayo Eweniyi Co-Founder & COO @ PiggyVest

Layo Ogunbanwo VP of Product Strategy @ PiggyVest

Jaz headshot
Jaz Broughton Customer Success Manager @ Mixpanel


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