28 by Sam Wood increases retention and measures effectiveness of marketing campaigns with Mixpanel - Mixpanel
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Online training and nutrition program, 28 by Sam Wood, increases retention and measures effectiveness of their marketing campaigns with Mixpanel.

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Mixpanel’s Signal feature helps us validate and discover the user behaviors that lead to higher retention. We can then use Mixpanel to take action on those insights with push notifications—it’s a killer combination.

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  • Needed product insights for business reporting
  • Needed data to inform teams’ hypotheses around increasing retention
  • Needed data to measure effectiveness of promotional campaigns


  • Use Dashboards to view top metrics in one place
  • Use Cohorts to group users based on which promotion campaigns they signed up for
  • Use Signal to discover user behaviors correlation to higher retention


  • Measured effectiveness of various promotional campaigns in getting users to sign up
  • Figured out how many workouts completed per month correlate to higher retention
  • Increased monthly retention by sending push notifications to encourage behaviours that lead to retention


Australia’s number one online fitness and training program, 28 By Sam Wood, has helped over 250,000 people lose over 3 million kilos (and counting). Created in 2016 by celebrity trainer Sam Wood, Sam has over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry and is recognized as one of Australia’s leading experts and media commentators.


Tim Bigarelli is Head of Product and Technology at Australian Life Tech, a technology-led health, fitness and nutrition company, whose portfolio of assets include 28 By Sam Wood. After the platform had launched, Tim realized that the company needed product insights for business reporting.

“At the time, we were putting together reports by enlisting our developers to pull from multiple sources of data, including Stripe and a Rails website system. We knew that we needed an easier solution, and a friend suggested we look into Mixpanel,” said Tim.


“Mixpanel’s ability to track events, create reports, and display our most important metrics in one place with Dashboards was immediately a big win for our business,” said Tim. “From there, we just kept expanding out to different teams, including marketing and nutrition.”

Some of the metrics that 28 By Sam Wood tracks in Mixpanel include:

  • Number of active subscribers
  • Number of new subscribers
  • Number of reactivated subscribers (i.e. lapsed customers who came back)
  • Number of pending cancels


Measuring the effectiveness of different promotions using Cohorts

28 By Sam Wood’s marketing team runs different promotions to encourage sign-ups, including offering gift vouchers to retailers like women’s clothing store, Lorna Jane, or online pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse.

“We use Mixpanel’s Cohorts feature to group users based on which promotion they signed up for. This allows us to see whether a Lorna Jane or a Chemist Warehouse voucher was more effective in converting users to sign up,” said Tim.

Uncovering user behaviors that correlate to higher retention with Signal

“We don’t offer a free trial, so we’re very interested in making sure that users retain for a second and third month. Mixpanel’s Signal feature helps us analyze what actions a user in Month 1 typically takes that correlate with higher retention. For example, we were able to determine how many workouts a user needs to complete (and by when) that would lead to a higher likelihood of them becoming a 28er (member) for life.

Signal also helped us uncover that people who use our “Locker” feature are more likely to retain,” said Tim.

Increasing monthly retention with push notifications

After using Signal to identify behaviors that lead to higher retention, the marketing team sends push notifications to their users. “When a new user signs up, they go through the normal 28-day journey (i.e. Month 1). If a user hasn’t completed their first workout, we’ll send them a push notification encouraging them to start their first workout,” said Tim.

“We also use this for our recipes feature. If a user is not ticking off that they’re cooking recipes, we’ll send a push notification prompting them to do that activity,” said Tim.

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