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Mixpanel helps you dive deeper into your retention analysis to understand who retains better, and why.

how users retain
Analyze the paths
to customer loyalty
Identify cohorts
likely to churn
Cohort analysis

Understand how users retain

How many users come back and experience value moments in your product again – and again? Monitor your retention rate and break down retention data by user behavior to prioritize product areas that move the needle.

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Mixpanel Retention reports helps our team track retention over time, break them down by different cohorts, and compare the different cohorts to see how they differ from the average user or a high intent user.

Mike Salway Principal Product Manager
User segmentation

Analyze the paths
to customer loyalty

Which user paths lead to long-term loyalty? Compare retention rates of users who complete the full onboarding flow with those who jump straight into action. Understand which user steps are key, and use this data to set your users up for long-term success.

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Data modeling

Identify opportunities to drive retention

Where should you focus your energy and resources to move the retention metric? Deep-dive into the behavioral data of different user groups to find the actions and trends that inspire your next campaign or product improvement.

Automated insights

dormant users

Which surprising behaviors lead to churn? Identify those churn risk markers early on, and re-engage at-risk users with personalized campaigns. Mixpanel integrates with best-in-breed technology so you can send hyper-targeted messages using in-product data.

Customer Story

retention by 50%

The Kast team developed a custom “Churn 30” metric to measure stickiness in Mixpanel and guide their product strategy.

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