Axon is an innovator in public safety technology. First-to-market with TASER conducted energy weapons (CEWs) and police body-worn cameras, the company has had a significant impact on law enforcement over the past 25 years.

With the release of Axon Evidence (, Axon’s digital evidence management solution that allows officers to securely access incident footage on the web, Axon took the leap from hardware to software leveraging cloud technology — yet another industry first. With the goal of protecting life, Axon is committed to delivering technologies that give public safety professionals the confidence, focus and time they need to keep their communities safe. Data helps them achieve that mission.

Why Axon chose Mixpanel

Mike Cozart, Director of Product Management at Axon, compared six analytics solutions, including Google Analytics 360, before deciding on Mixpanel. All six services claimed to be secure, listing security conscious clients in the finance space. But in the end, only Mixpanel met Axon’s exceptionally high security bar because it provided the option to self-host their javascript library. Additionally, the team preferred Mixpanel because of its ease-of-use for engineers and product managers, flexible event-based tracking and superior customer service.

“Mixpanel took us from having an anecdotal understanding of usage to being a data driven team. Thanks to user analytics, we are able to better serve the officers who rely on our software to manage evidence that could be critical to solving a crime.” - Mike Cozart, Director of Product Management at Axon

Business improvements with Mixpanel

Simplifying the login experience

Axon Evidence ( was experiencing a surge in calls to Customer Support due to failed password reset requests. Axon assumed officers weren’t receiving their password reset emails because of firewalls and spam filters, but by tracking where drop-off occurred they realized their CAPTCHA was actually the culprit. By making the CAPTCHA easier to decipher, Axon was able to reduce the amount of officers clicking “forgot password” by 18,000 clicks per week, a huge time savings, both for the police looking to log in and Axon’s Customer Support team.

Helping police agencies adjust to new releases

Upon a feature release that introduces a major change in user experience, Mike and his team provide their customers with a link to access the old version of Axon Evidence ( By monitoring which agencies click back to the old interface, the team is able to learn where the new version has usability issues or does not meet customer requirements. This adoption tracking led to the creation of an Early Access program with key agencies and power users. Leveraging Mixpanel, the Early Access program identifies customer requirements or quality issues before releases to ensure they will be well received.

Resolving customer issues faster

Thanks to Mixpanel, Axon’s product managers and engineering team are better equipped to handle bug reports and feature requests. When customers call in, the team is able to pull up their specific functionality to help understand where the issue is occuring. Before prioritizing a new feature, the team can estimate its potential value based on existing features.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, Mike says “we’re becoming more data focused as a business, and we already have plans to establish KPIs for every team. Mixpanel will be how the product team measures success on new features.”