How Immobiliare built a data-informed culture using Mixpanel

  • 40%Increase in listings per month
  • 26%Mobile app user traffic up from 9%
  • 50k+Users converted
Milan, Italy
Content Company


Immobiliare is the No. 1 real estate site in Italy. The company offers a real estate platform for potential homeowners and renters to find property listings from property managers. Immobiliare also operates different sites across Europe and for luxury properties. The Immobiliare team believes that real estate research should not be frustrating. If done with the right tools, it can be a pleasant and rewarding experience.


Immobiliare needed more insight into how people use its products. With a lean product development philosophy, Immobiliare searched for a way to surface product insights quickly and easily, without the need for dedicated data analysts.


Chief Product Officer Paolo Sabatinelli realized that Immobiliare needed to develop a “data-informed culture.” To do that, Paolo took the following steps:

  1. He convinced Immobiliare’s CEO to be the executive sponsor because he realized that becoming “data-informed” required a cultural shift driven from the top down.
  2. Taking a page from Google’s change management guide, he identified champions in each team across Immobiliare to ensure data-informed best practices were slowly but surely adopted.
  3. He chose Mixpanel as Immobiliare’s product analytics solution because it’s robust, yet intuitive and fully customizable. These attributes enabled Immobiliare to democratize data access across the product management, engineering, and design teams.
  4. He ensured there was data literacy across the business by establishing training programs for existing employees, and ensuring Immobiliare hired candidates with data expertise.
  5. He established data governance for key business KPIs to ensure the data that steered the business was reliable.


  • Boosted mobile app user traffic from 9% to 26%
  • Improved engagement with an increase of 40% in listings viewed per month
  • Converted more than 50k users over the 220k impacted by an app download campaign
  • Achieved the above results in just five months of using Mixpanel