DashThis empowers marketers to create digital marketing dashboards easily and share them with their team and clients automatically. They are a SaaS company that takes the “service” part of their job as seriously as the “software” part. To make sure their users have a positive experience, they closely monitor how customers use their tool to identify room for improvement.

“We work in the realm of marketing data reporting, so gathering data is not just important for us internally, it’s actually the entire purpose of our business” said Marie Lamonde, Content Marketing Specialist at DashThis. “The decision to choose a tool like Mixpanel was entirely logical: we know how crucial data is for marketing efforts, and we can’t start a new project or campaign without Mixpanel’s data to backup our strategies.”


Why DashThis Chose Mixpanel

DashThis knew they needed a powerful tool to analyze all the data they receive from their thousands of customers, without compromising on speed. They were excited to find Mixpanel had the infrastructure they needed, and that it was easy to implement and use. “Mixpanel offers every type of analysis we need, all in the same place, which saves us so much time” said Marie.
"By analyzing our users' behaviors, we're able to learn what they use our product for, how they understand it, and why they tried it. This gives us the knowledge necessary to not only reach the right kind of audience, but also understand our clients and offer them a better experience." - Marie Lamonde, Content Marketing Specialist at DashThis

User Experience Improvements with Mixpanel

Improving free-to-paid conversion

DashThis saw that their Google advertising was driving free trials, but not paid conversion. Google Analytics didn’t provide any explanation into why this might be occurring. To learn why, the team went to Mixpanel to compare funnel completion by source.

They soon saw that some campaigns were generating free trials that didn’t onboard completely. They found two reasons for this: a suboptimal onboarding experience and inefficient keyword usage and targeting in their Google AdWord campaigns.

Optimizing campaign keywords & targeting

Based on these findings, DashThis’ marketing team optimized their Google campaigns to allocate resources to the ads that were bringing in quality leads. “Since we’re continuously analyzing our ROI and creating better and better campaigns over time, our ad results are always improving,” said Marie. Among other things, DashThis has been able to optimize campaigns based on targeted keywords and ended up developing a new and improved AdWords structure. “Thanks to these changes, our paid ads have now become one of our best performing channel, whereas it was our worst performing channel prior to Mixpanel.”

Fixing the onboarding experience

While Marketing was focusing on paid ad strategies, Product took a deeper look at each step of the onboarding funnel. Thanks to Mixpanel, they found many ways to improve the free to paid conversion process. Knowing where their users were having difficulties, they made some UX modifications, deleted and added steps, added some pop-ups to guide users along, and incorporated many other improvements in the process. As a result, they saw their key metrics shoot up.

By perfecting both their ad campaigns and onboarding process, they raised their free to paid funnel completion rate by 50%.