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Customer Story

Parking app, EasyPark, turned to Mixpanel to organize and gather data to improve its product and customer experience—ultimately increasing conversions, registration time, and page views.

  • 14% increase in completion rate
  • 33% decrease in registration time
  • Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
  • Plan Enterprise
  • Industry Marketplace
  • Website easyparkgroup.com
  • Reports featured
    • Funnels
    • Insights
    • Retention

Extracting, cleaning and analyzing user data was extremely time consuming,” Meghan continued. “We had data all over the place—in Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, AdWords, Google Sheets, Excel, another BI platform, and NPS survey tool. Once implemented, Mixpanel quickly became our go-to place for all our data, giving us deep insight into our product, users, and how our campaigns performed.

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For anyone familiar with the frustrating process of finding parking in a busy city, EasyPark may be the answer. This mobile app helps its users discover and book convenient and safe parking in cities throughout Europe and Australia.



EasyPark needed to be as quick and snappy as possible, and the product, engineering, marketing, and growth teams knew the success of their app was conditional. “This is especially true during the winter season in the Nordics,” said Meghan Semancik, Growth Consultant at EasyPark. But no matter the weather, traffic, or conditions, the app had to deliver on its namesake—to make parking easy.

The company needed to optimize not only its onboarding process but also how, as a company, it was going to organize and leverage data to improve its product and serve its users, no matter their location.



“Mixpanel was a crucial tool that helped us start having a conversation about data,” Meghan said. “Before selecting it as our platform of choice, I spent about a month doing demos with Localytics, Flurry, and other solutions. However, we wanted something that could help us understand the behavior of our customers while also improving the product.”

Improving registration time

When Mixpanel was integrated into the app, EasyPark discovered a big drop-off in users who downloaded the app, opened it, but then didn’t ever use it. In order to solve this critical activation problem, EasyPark finally had the necessary data to improve registration times and help their users park, effortlessly.  “With Mixpanel’s core reports, we decreased the median time our users take from app open to parking complete by 33%.” -Meghan Semancik, Growth Consultant, EasyPark

Making product discoveries with data

With a product like EasyPark, where in-app time may only be a few short moments, nothing is more important than understanding user behavior in order to tweak and hone every aspect of the product.

“With Mixpanel, we discovered that people who use our in-app map do twice as many parks with EasyPark as those who don’t,” Meghan said. Knowing that, the product team prioritized the map as a pivotal product feature. Then, after dissecting the different stages of its registration process, EasyPark was able to hone the onboarding process to ensure new users activated as soon as possible.

Empowering executives with funnels

“By far, the most popular report for us is Funnels,” Meghan said. At EasyPark, the marketing team uses these reports to understand the performance of their campaigns.

In addition, product and engineering teams use Funnels to measure, test, and iterate product functionalities, flows, and new features. And at an executive level, Funnels provide critical topline metrics for EasyPark’s leadership team.

“My boss uses Mixpanel to create reports that he presents to the Board and the rest of the management team,” Meghan explained. “That way, we can showcase the ways in which we are improving our onboarding flows and increasing the number of transactions.

“We’ve made some big improvements to EasyPark which we never would have been able to even identify without Mixpanel.” For example, EasyPark discovered that it didn’t need to include an entire step in its registration process. After removing a field that users often neglected, EasyPark saw a shocking outcome: “Once we looked to the data and refined our onboarding, our registration numbers jumped 20%.”


The wow factor of Mixpanel is going into Explore and looking at People Profiles. There, you see the actions attributed to every individual user—name, phone number, email, and an activity log. We never had that type of insight until Mixpanel.

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Once EasyPark partnered with Mixpanel, pulling actionable insights from data completely changed. With other analytics solutions, understanding people-level information comes in aggregate or is session-based. But now with Mixpanel, People Profiles have put a whole new spin on what data means to EasyPark.

“It’s not just a data point. It’s an actual person and a customer,” said Meghan. “Compared to any other tool that we’ve ever tried, that nuance was the biggest differentiator in Mixpanel.” And as EasyPark looks to relaunch its latest website, Mixpanel is being implemented right from the start.

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