The most advanced way to communicate with your customers.

With in-app notifications you can broadcast important messages to your customers. Just upload an image and craft your message. It's that simple. As soon as your customers open your app, they'll get an engaging, delightful notification.

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What you see is what users get

An editor that makes you look like an app developer.

Building in-app notifications is simple when you have easy-to-use visual tools. Drop in a retina ready image. Craft your message. Pick between an important fullscreen notification or a more subtle mini notification. And even deeply link within your app to engage your customers. The best part is that you'll look like an app developer without ever having to write a single line of code.

Fullscreen & Mini

They'll get the message. You'll choose how.

In-app notifications are beautiful, native, and fast. They fade or slide into view, color blend, pop, and pulsate. In-app notifications feel alive and like they're part of your app, and they give you sizing options so you can broadcast the right kind of message in the right manner. Fullscreen notifications can be used for important information, while mini notifications let you communicate in a way that's more subtle. Either way, you're in control.

Fullscreen Notification

Mini Notification

Precise Targeting

It's not just what you say, it's whom you say it to.

Send notifications to the people who will find them most valuable. You can choose who receives a notification by creating target groups of your users. For example, everyone who hasn't updated to the newest version of your app will receive a notification encouraging them to update. Between flexible targeting and message scheduling, you can keep your users engaged and up-to-date.

The most advanced analytics

The proof is in the data.

Mixpanel completes the marketing loop. Finally, you can take action on what you learn from Mixpanel reports, and know instantly whether you made the right decision or not. For example, if you send a message to tell your users about a new feature, you can find out if they tried it. Our platform ties these notifications to more meaningful data, events that you already track using Mixpanel, like someone logging in – things that really matter to your business.

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes.

Mixpanel has a simple SDK you can install on every major platform including mobile.
Even if you get stuck, our smart and fast support team can help at no extra cost.

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