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Codelessly sync Mixpanel with your warehouse to unlock self-serve insights on your company’s trusted data, including product, marketing, and revenue data. No engineering resources required.

No SQL? No problem

Whether it’s a simple breakdown of revenue by geography or a complex funnel deep-dive, all your questions can be answered in an intuitive UI. Democratize data access by allowing everyone to self-serve.

Don't break the bank

You’re not paying per query or seat in Mixpanel, so you can let everyone ask endless questions without worrying about the bill. Our industry best pricing is also transparent and hassle-free.

A special offer

Migrate your historic data at no cost

For a limited time, new customers can import historic events from Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift at no additional cost. Get set up with Mixpanel in minutes while maintaining continuity in your analytics.

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