Experiment & surprise yourself with mobile A/B Testing

A/B testing gives you the power to test your idea like a science experiment. Change the color of a button. Edit the marketing copy. If you're really ambitious, change the velocity in your game. Mobile A/B testing lets you instantly understand the impact. Now you can bring data to the table — but be prepared to be surprised by the results.

See how it works

What you see is what you test

Building and running an experiment is easy for anyone in your company. Our simple in-browser editor lets you change any part of your application's user interface: you can remove features, change colors, edit text, or upload an image. Once you’re done, you can instantly run the experiment without ever having to deploy any code.


A/B testing that's even more
powerful for developers

We’ve made mobile A/B testing powerful for developers too. Sometimes the most important parts of your application aren’t visual. For example, the velocity of a spaceship in a game or the number of images that you show are integral to your app but difficult to run experiments on. Our Tweaks API solves this problem: it lets you write a little bit of code that can drastically change your application so you can experiment and see how people react. Learn more

The new @mixpanel A/B testing experience is straight up amazing.
If you are an app developer, check it out now.
Andy Thompson

Target and choose exactly who
gets your experiment

You have the power to choose who will get your A/B tests. Using information about your users already in Mixpanel, you’ll be able to run your experiment on specific groups of users. For example, you could make your game harder for all users after level 6 or change the UI for people who use a certain feature more than others. And we’ll even make sure that a random group of people is intelligently chosen — you can run the perfect experiment.

Analytics that will show
you something surprising
Mixpanel can answer

Mixpanel completes the marketing loop. Right after you run your test, you will know what people did afterwards, whether they came back again next week, or if your conversion rate improved. You will know whether you made the right decision or not based on many factors, not just a single one. If you run an A/B test in your app to determine how many images to show at once, you’ll be able to prove if it increased engagement and retention — things that really matter to your business.

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