Your customers are everywhere.
Engage with them anywhere.

Take action on the surprising things you learn using Mixpanel. Now, you can automatically send notifications to your customers on mobile & web.

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Keep your customers.

Getting customers is hard, losing them is easy. Mixpanel makes keeping them easier by letting you message users who haven't logged in for a while, or to automatically let customers know that their free trials are ending.

Between flexible targeting and message scheduling, you'll be able to optimize every notification to make sure your users stay engaged.



It's as easy as writing an email.

Empower your marketing team to take action on what they learn. For the first time, automating user messaging is as easy as writing an email. Just decide who you want to target, what you want to say, and when it should be sent. It's simple, convenient, and automatic.

Mobile and beyond

Engage your customers wherever they are.

Mixpanel lets you reach your customers from any device they use. Not only can you email them, you can send push notifications right to their mobile phone or tablet. If you have a mobile app and a website, you have multiple options to engage with users precisely when they are using your product. We've taken care of the complexity of email and push notification deliverability, so you don't have to think about it. With every new platform, we'll make it just as easy to reach your users, so you can work on growing your business.

In-App Notifications

They'll get the message. You'll choose how.

In-app notifications are made specifically for mobile apps. When your users receive a notification it will be beautiful, native, fast, and feel like part of the app they're using. To help you broadcast the right kind of message, fullscreen and mini notifications give you options. For important information, fullscreen notifications give you the opportunity to make sure your users got it. While mini notifications let you communicate in a way that is more subtle. Either way, you're in control.
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The proof is in the data.

Mixpanel completes the marketing loop. Finally, you can take action on what you learn from Mixpanel reports, and know instantly whether you made the right decision or not. For example, if you send a message containing a coupon to re-engage lost customers, you can see if it increases paying customers immediately. Our platform ties these notifications to more meaningful data, events that you already track using Mixpanel, like someone logging in – things that really matter to your business.

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Getting started takes less than 10 minutes.

Mixpanel has a simple SDK you can install on every major platform including mobile. Even if you get stuck, our smart and fast support team can help at no extra cost.