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Last edited: Aug 23, 2023 Published: Jun 15, 2023

With our new Cart Analysis feature and Ecommerce Template, it’s easy to gain more powerful insights into your shoppers and your revenue.

Luke Peddemors & Maverick Lee

You have to know your customers well to run a successful ecommerce product or business. Take it from us: We’ve been providing event analytics to help companies build great online shopping experiences for over 10 years.

As powerful as Mixpanel has been for ecommerce, today we’re expanding what it can do with the formal launch of Mixpanel Ecommerce Analytics. This collection of new features makes it easier to get up and running with insights on your shop and pull in more robust data on how shoppers are browsing or purchasing, item by item, so you can optimize your site and make decisions on things like pricing and bundles according to what your customers want.

What’s new in Mixpanel?

Track your digital storefront’s performance with page views

We’ve recently made it possible to automatically track page views on your website in less than a minute of setup. This new functionality allows ecommerce companies to measure the performance of their pages via metrics like total page views, bounce rate, or average session duration. With these metrics, they can build insights that give clarity into what product categories are trending in popularity, how engaged their users are once they visit their page, or if there are any confusing aspects in a page layout that cause users to leave.

These insights are especially useful when:

  1. Making decisions around what types of products to promote more of (either via marketing tactics or site layout changes)
  2. Discovering opportunities to provide relevant product recommendations or personalized content for users in specific regions to pique their interest while shopping
A sample of what a Mixpanel Board looks like
A look at a Mixpanel Board featuring ecommerce analytics reports.

Uncover user purchase behaviors with Cart Analysis

While wider page view tracking gives broader analysis, our new Cart Analysis feature enables deeper analysis. This enhancement allows you to view the items in a user’s cart at specific moments in their purchase journey (view product, add to cart, purchase) and track details about these items, like their category, brand, and price.

A few types of questions you can answer with Cart Analysis are:

  • How many cart checkouts have a footwear product and a discounted product?
  • How many cart checkouts have items that totaled over $100?
  • What’s my average revenue per cart checkout?

Answering these questions can help you understand your user’s purchase behavior, which is vital in shaping your product offering strategy. These new insights you can discover in Mixpanel can shape whether you upsell different products, decide what products should be discounted, or target specific users with tailored marketing strategies.

Here are some example strategies that Cart Analysis can help drive:

  • Identify the product categories that have the highest conversion through the checkout funnel and drive more attention to products in that category through website redesigns and advertising.
  • Find two products that are often purchased together and suggest a bundle of the two after one of the items is added to a shopper’s cart.
  • Discover what total cart prices lead to a higher rate of purchase for certain segments and target them with promotions that increase (upselling and bundling) or decrease (discounting) their total cart price.

Ecommerce Template for shopper and revenue insights

While discovering and implementing optimizations to your ecommerce website or mobile app are winning first steps, it’s still essential to link these strategies to the most crucial metric of all: revenue.

The current process of viewing the revenue contribution from different teams is disjointed and spread out across multiple tools, which makes it difficult to build a unified view of how your company is performing. However, with the new revenue analytics capabilities we’ve recently unlocked in Mixpanel (powered by Warehouse Connectors), you now have a single place to visualize how your efforts are impacting the revenue of different categories, brands, or products so all teams in an ecommerce company can view whether they are influencing revenue growth.

If you’re looking to get started quickly with tracking revenue, as well as other important ecommerce metrics, try out our new Ecommerce Template. With only a minute of setup, it’s now possible to input relevant properties into this template and build key ecommerce metrics that are broken down by brands, categories, or any other item in your cart.

A look at creating a Board with the Ecommerce Template
Creating a Board with the Ecommerce Template.

Analytics for everyone

Mixpanel Ecommerce Analytics is just one more step in our vision to bring analytics to everyone who wants to make better decisions toward building great digital experiences, efficient businesses, and more.

Our Ecommerce Template will begin rolling out today. If you’re already a Mixpanel user, you’ll be able to get started with it (and all of our other templates) by using this handy shortcut.

May all your digital shoppers’ carts be full 🛒

Gain insights into how best to convert, engage, and retain your users with Mixpanel’s powerful, self-serve analytics. Try it for free.

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