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Our next step: Analytics for everyone
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Our next step: Analytics for everyone

Last edited: Apr 13, 2023 Published: Apr 13, 2023

Here's how we're taking Mixpanel beyond with a new look, a new feel, and a broader product vision.

Amir Movafaghi CEO @ Mixpanel

Companies change as they grow, and that’s no different for us. Today, we’re launching our new brand. And it’s a lot more than a refreshed look.

Our last big change was a little over three years ago when we went all in on product-led growth (PLG) to get more people into Mixpanel faster and find the product and business answers they needed. We ripped up the B2B SaaS rules and playbook by rolling out a “show, don’t tell” design in the product; ungating content so you don’t have to fill out forms to read stuff; and beginning our journey toward price transparency.

We’ve made a ton of progress and still have a ways to go. To take things further, we had to evolve our brand and use it as a strategic center for how we make decisions.

Throughout this process of expanding access to Mixpanel, something even more ambitious came into focus. It was the realization that we believe everyone is a builder, not just those on engineering, product, and design (EPD) teams. Out of all the apps in your stack, analytics is about getting to the truth, so why doesn’t everyone use it?

We’ve decided to set a new vision combined with our mission to help the world learn from its data: bring the power of event analytics to everyone.

On the left is Mixpanel's previous logo, and on the right is Mixpanel's new logo.
Our old logo (left) and our new logo (right).

Why event analytics is the key to analytics for everyone

SQL or BI tools are complex and slow. Functional tools (Google Analytics, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.) have constraints that make them shallow and siloed. In either case, teams optimize locally and miss the necessary information to make informed decisions.

At the core of Mixpanel is an event-based data model.

Each event is an interaction with your product and company, and collectively they can answer almost any question about what is happening and how things have changed over time.

Mixpanel is designed to be an extension of how you see the world: not in columns and rows like a spreadsheet but in how people behave. You go to lunch at a deli. Watch a movie at night. Order breakfast on your phone. Buy an airline ticket to another country. Swipe left or right. This makes data easier to analyze and creates a fuller portrait of the experience.

In the months to come, we’ll be adding functionality that makes Mixpanel just as powerful and easy to use for all the decision-makers across your company as it is for your EPD teams.

What’s the story of the new brand?

We looked at where we are and where we want to be.

As we began to widen our vision, it was a moment for us to question the entirety of the brand. We imagined a future where analytics isn’t limited to technical roles or teams but for everyone making decisions and leading organizational change.

Building is hard. It’s a constant process of decision-making. Over time, you produce something tangible: a product, a service, a brand, or a community. This is why we believe in a future where everyone uses analytics to understand what’s happening. Builders have a vision and ideas, and we want to be the sharpening stone to your intuition and decision-making.

A breakdown of Mixpanel's new logo centerpiece: the X. Its left side represents Data, its center square represents Discovery, and its right side represents Evolution.
A breakdown of our new X.

This process also helped us create an evolved system to express our ideas cohesively and to combine product and brand endeavors better. Evolving the brand allows us to imagine and pursue a more exciting future for analytics. We’ll share more on this thinking soon.

Good decisions make progress possible

The why here really matters.

Despite years of innovation in data, it can still be complicated for teams to access the information they need. We believe analytics should be easy and fun. Lowering the barrier for teams to interact with their data, explore it, collaborate around it, set goals, and achieve them will fundamentally change how fast they can make good decisions that lead to substantive progress.

In Mixpanel, teams can come together around data and move as one instead of being forced into silos, and we’re dedicated to making it even easier for everyone to participate.

Feel it

For a long time, software was cool and exciting. Still, the first decade of SaaS was a bit soul-crushing, with the biggest advancements being on-prem functional software moving to the cloud (same thing but cheaper and easier to implement). When you can’t see, touch, or feel the innovation, the joy dies.

At Mixpanel, we care about designing a product that’s fast and interactive. We want you to get into a flow with your team and feel united going after a goal. We want you to easily get all the answers you need and feel the joy of making an impact!

Whenever I read the word “love” mentioned about us in a tweet or NPS comments from our users, it tells me we’re doing things right. You should love the software you use. It should be fun and give you joy every time you use it. You should be excited to log in to see what’s new and get delighted when you see it.

That’s why we’re also making the emotional connection a key part of our brand launch and throughout all the work ahead. You can head over to Mixpanel.com right now to take it all in. We hope you feel it ❤️

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