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Fair and transparent: An update on Mixpanel pricing
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Fair and transparent: An update on Mixpanel pricing

Last edited: Jul 20, 2022 Published: Jun 8, 2022
Laura Krieger Product Manager @ Mixpanel

Let’s be honest, product analytics can be an expensive business. The root cause is that doing complex queries over billions or trillions of events at interactive speeds takes a lot of hardware. It’s a tough problem, and we are always investing in performance and rebuilding parts of our own event-stream database for the sake of trying to be more efficient.

PS: If you’re interested in these kinds of problems, come join our infra team—we’re hiring!

When possible, we’ve transferred the benefits of these efficiency wins to our customers by trimming our prices and/or increasing the size of our free plan. But there’s hardly any use in rolling out fair pricing if your customers (and potential customers) have to jump through hoops to find out what, exactly, we cost for them—an unfortunately common problem across all of SaaS.

In an effort to cut through that trend, here is the TLDR on our intro pricing to date:

  • Last year, we increased the data limits of our Free plan by 100x so that you can grow as much as possible before paying. Accounts can now have up to 100k monthly tracked users (MTUs). Read more here.
A graphic showing Mixpanel's Free, Growth, and Enterprise plans, with details
  • We also dropped prices ~60% on our Growth plan to make product analytics more accessible to everyone. Accounts can now unlock the full power of Mixpanel for only $299 per year or $36 per month.
  • From there, our online plan builder allows customers to understand exactly what they’re buying and the cost per MTU. You can even add packages like Data Pipelines and Group Analytics, essential tools for connecting with your data stack or running B2B analytics.
A picture of Mixpanel's custom growth plan builder

Because of our continued investment in our infrastructure, we’re confident that we have better unit economics, and we’re not afraid to share them. Part of that is ensuring we have transparent pricing that reaches our customers, which is why everything is easily discoverable on our website and simple to see how pricing scales as your usage of Mixpanel grows.

We believe in these pricing practices because we don’t think what you pay should be dependent on your network, who you know, or how well you negotiate.

Self-serve pricing and purchasing that’s ready when you are

As you may have picked up on, we’ve also made it easy to select our Free or Growth plans online and get started with Mixpanel in just a few clicks.

Though we have an amazing sales team, of which plenty of our customer love, and we’re always excited to have our sharp account executives customize the perfect plan for a company’s pattern of usage (we can provide both events or MTU plans and annual smoothing), we emphasize a self-serve signup process because we know that startups need to move quickly. So, we’re staying ready to meet with anyone who wants to talk, but we also know that providing plans online that can be purchased in just minutes will help us better serve everyone in need of product analytics.

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