Our values

Be open

When knowledge becomes open, we can come together as a team to collaborate around a shared purpose.

Lead change

Everyone at Mixpanel has the capacity to make an impact on the business.

Customer focus

Our customers’ success is our success.


Driving results in a measurable way ensures we stay focused on the highest impact initiatives.

One team

We can’t win without each other.
about Mixpanel

Here’s a little insight into Mixpanel


Immediate impact

Talented, thoughtful people can transform what we do and how we do it. So when we bring on new talent, we set them up to move quickly and get started on the projects that matter to them right away. Newer teammates should look back on their first six months and be surprised and proud of all that they’ve accomplished.

Mixpanel’s culture of transparency and collaboration not only impacts how we work together as a team, but also shapes the way we interact with our customers across the globe. I’m fueled by that culture, and with the trust of my co-workers and customers, I can solve challenging and meaningful problems every single day.

Madeline Busacca Team Lead, Customer Success
Giving back

Paying data forward

We take what we learn and bring it back to share with the communities where we operate. Whether that means conducting original data analysis to uncover the industry trends that matter to customers and journalists, or using our 40 hours of volunteer time off to invest in the communities we live, we all believe in giving back.

Mixpanel’s commitment to giving back is a big part of why I look forward to coming to work every day. We actively encourage Mixpanelers to give back to their community by volunteering to support the causes they’re passionate about. I’m also proud to see Mixpanel staying true to our mission–helping the world learn from its data–by partnering with nonprofit customers and helping them achieve their goals through analytics.

Ashkon Nosrat Employee Engagement Manager
Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Mixers at Mixpanel

Our employee-led resource groups bring communities together for personal and professional development.

At Women at Mixpanel (WAM) we create community and band together to solve problems that intersect our work and personal life. Whether it is creating a safe space to discuss current events or breaking down boundaries in an improv class, WAM brings together employees of all levels and tenure.

Cherise Goode Support Engineer & Women at Mixpanel Global Lead

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The Perks

Benefits to fuel employee wellness, personal, and professional growth

  • Immediate impact

    Atomic, empowered teams so your impact is immediately felt. Every job is vital at Mixpanel.

  • Great people

    Our team is smart, eccentric, driven, loyal, and ambitious. You won’t always be the smartest person in the room.

  • Dynamic workspaces

    Creative, open workspaces with lots of places to play, reflect, and relax. We also provide healthy snacks and catered lunches and dinners every day.

  • Education

    Commitment to learning both as a team and individually.

  • Benefits

    Medical, dental, vision, 401(k), and more. Multiple options to give you the right coverage.

  • Building relationships

    Team off-sites, Table for Two, and more.

A note from our CEO At Mixpanel, our team is our competitive advantage. We're building a culture where individuals are empowered to take ownership on efforts that directly impact the company as a whole. Amir Movafaghi CEO

Interested in joining us?

Please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@mixpanel.com or apply at the links below.

  • Engineering

    The 26+ TB of data we ingest every month and the complex types of analysis we create mean everyone in our engineering team is doing interesting work from day one. Every day we solve new challenges with scaling, availability, data integrity, API design, and data visualization.

    • Analysis, Fullstack Engineer (San Francisco)

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    • Data Governance, Fullstack Engineer (Seattle)

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    • Frontend Engineer (Austin)

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    • Frontend Engineer (San Francisco)

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    • Frontend Engineer (Seattle)

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    • Fullstack Engineer (Austin)

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    • Fullstack Engineer (San Francisco)

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    • Fullstack Engineer (Seattle)

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    • Growth, Fullstack Engineer (Seattle)

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    • Impact, Fullstack Engineer (San Francisco)

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    • Infrastructure Engineer (San Francisco)

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    • Internal Data Systems, Data Engineer (San Francisco)

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    • Notifications, Infrastructure Engineer (San Francisco)

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    • Site Reliability Engineer (San Francisco)

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  • Product & Design

    Product and Design is a nimble team of multidisciplinary product managers and designers who own Mixpanel’s product vision and development. We care deeply about simplicity and usability, and we never pass up an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and solve a customer problem.

    • Sr. Product Designer (San Francisco)

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    • Sr. Visual Product Designer (San Francisco)

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  • Sales

    We are business owners, not sales people.  We help customers grow their business with user analytics and our award-winning technology. We are tenacious, curious, and collaborative – we set the bar high and work tirelessly to make our customers successful.

    • Alliance Partnerships Manager (London)

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    • Alliance Partnerships Manager (Paris)

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    • Alliance Partnerships Manager (Singapore)

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    • Commercial Account Executive (San Francisco)

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    • Commercial Account Executive (Singapore)

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    • Enterprise Account Executive (Amsterdam)

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    • Enterprise Account Executive (Paris)

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    • Enterprise Account Executive (San Francisco)

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    • Enterprise Account Executive (Singapore)

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    • Enterprise Relationship Manager (New York)

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    • Enterprise Relationship Manager (San Francisco)

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    • Inbound Sales Development Representative (Singapore)

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    • Sales Development Representative, Commercial (Barcelona)

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    • Sales Engineer (Barcelona)

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    • Sales Engineer (Paris)

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    • Sales Engineer (Singapore)

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    • Salesforce Architect/Administrator (San Francisco)

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  • Marketing

    Marketing brings our customer, brand, and product story to life. We are scrappy problem-solvers that believe creativity, fueled by data, helps you stand apart. If you live for crafting messages that resonate and love building inspirational campaigns and experiences, join us.

    • Marketing Manager EMEA (Barcelona)

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    • Senior Product Marketing Manager (San Francisco)

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    • Senior Manager, APAC Marketing Lead (Singapore)

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  • Customer Success

    Customer Success educates and advocates for Mixpanel customers across the globe. Energetic, diverse, and technically-minded, our team acts as analytic advisors and dual champions for Mixpanel and our users. We have a knack for building lasting relationships not only with our customers, but also with each other.

  • General & Administrative

    As the backbone of Mixpanel, we’re tasked with keeping the business running smoothly day after day. We’re a dedicated group from diverse backgrounds driven by cross-functional collaboration, curiosity and the mindset that together we can achieve more, faster.

    • Billing Analyst (San Francisco)

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    • Business Operations Analyst (San Francisco)

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    • Collection Analyst (Barcelona)

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    • Salesforce Architect/Administrator (San Francisco)

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