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At Mixpanel, we are on a mission to help the world learn from its data and solve big problems. Being a part of the Mixpanel team gives you the opportunity to drive innovation in a culture where creativity is celebrated and every team member belongs. We believe when you get to bring your full self to work, you’re enabled to do your best work.


Our values

BE OPEN When knowledge becomes open, we can come together as a team to collaborate around a shared purpose.
LEAD CHANGE Everyone at Mixpanel has the capacity to make an impact on the business.
RESULTS-ORIENTED Driving results in a measurable way ensures we stay focused on the highest impact initiatives.
CUSTOMER FOCUS Our customers’ success is our success.
ONE TEAM We can’t win without each other.
“Being part of a company that collaborates and values innovation and continuous improvement is refreshing. It has been a great way for me to increase results for clients and for my personal growth. As someone who began as a contractor, was made permanent, then promoted and has since transitioned from Customer Success to Marketing, I'm proof that if you are committed to showing up, focusing on the customer and learning, you never know where you will go next at Mixpanel. Jaz Broughton, Community Engagement Manager - London
“Mixpanel has been my favorite place to work - I love that even though I'm based in Singapore, I'm able to build strong working relationships with coworkers globally, and everyone's always willing and eager to share ideas. At Mixpanel, we don't just pay lip service to our core values, but it's at the forefront of our interactions, both internally and with customers, and we regularly take the time to celebrate and recognise our coworkers who espouse these values. Peishan Tan, Manager, Customer Success - Singapore
My favorite part of working at Mixpanel is the people. Being surrounded by true industry experts makes every day a new learning experience. It allows me to get a better understanding of how other teams work and has helped my career greatly.” Ross Walker, Manager, Sales Engineering - London

Perks and benefits

Competitive compensation

Above-market compensation and equity grants and performance-based bonus programs.

Company stock options

Generous company stock options.

Sabbatical policy

2 months paid sabbatical after completing 5 years of service.

Paid time off

In addition to standard holidays, Mixpanel offers competitive paid time off and regular Company-wide wellness days.

Giving back

Every employee gets 40 hours of volunteer time off to invest in the communities and causes they care about most.

Parental leave

Mixpanel offers paid parental leave to employees of any gender who give birth, adopt, or foster a child.

Mental health

All employees have access to coaches and therapists and are able to tap into a wealth of mental health resources.

401(k) match

US employees receive a 401(k) match to help them plan for their future.

Wellness benefits

In addition to multiple options for health, dental, and vision, employees get a monthly wellness stipend.

Employee choice first

We have 7 global office locations and also offer flexible work-from-home and remote working options.

Growth dollars

Employees receive a professional growth learning stipend of $500 that can pay for conferences, classes, or more.

Professional growth hours

Employees receive 40 paid hours a year to enroll in programs to advance their skills.

and inclusion


Unlocking data-driven insights is our superpower. We’re invested in building a future where data is the catalyst to remove barriers, build community, level the playing field and cultivate understanding. Regardless of one’s ethnicity, gender, age, identity, religion, national origin, thought, or experience, your story matters, and we believe in turning the power of owning the narrative over to our team members, customers and partners. We are all storytellers.

Our Employee Resource Groups
Asian Pacific Islander

Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander
culture and heritage.


Celebrating Black culture and history.


For Mixpanelers who identify as disabled, have a disability, chronic illness, and their allies.


Celebrating the LGBTQ+
community and its allies.

Women at Mixpanel

Empowing women to thrive at
Mixpanel and beyond.


Celebrating Hispanic, Latinx,
and Chicanx heritage.

Remote Workers

Supporting and connecting
our remote team members.


Creating a culture and environment at Mixpanel that supports and celebrates parenthood.


Gathering awareness on
immigration and immigrant lives.

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