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Startups that are less than 2 years old with up to $5M in total funding receive $50,000 in credits towards the Mixpanel Growth plan.

Core features included in every plan
  • Core analytics

    Go deep in analyzing what makes users convert, engage, and retain with reports including Insights, Funnels, Retention, Cohorts, Impact, and Formulas.

  • Exploratory reports

    Visualize and explore patterns in user behavior with reports including Flows, Live View, and Explore.

  • Custom dashboards for web, TV and email

    Monitor all your metrics when you're on the go and share them with colleagues across your company.

  • Monitoring and alerts

    Get immediate notifications when important metrics spike or dip unexpectedly.

  • Infrastructure, APIs, and integrations

    Share data between Mixpanel and the other tools in your stack with turnkey integrations and flexible APIs.

  • Advanced data management

    Categorize, define, and verify events and properties, and see how often they're being fired or queried.

  • Codeless maintenance

    Keep projects clean by easily fixing common issues like outdated or duplicate data—no coding required.

  • Two-factor authentication

    An extra layer of security to confirm identities.

  • GDPR compliance

    Data deletion and export tooling, GDPR compliant Data Processing Addendum, EU Data Residency.

Data history90 daysUnlimitedUnlimited
Raw data exportUnlimitedUnlimited
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
Data Views & Data Classification
Experiment Analysis
Correlation Analysis
Data Pipelines Available add-on Available add-on
Group Analytics Available add-on Available add-on
Security consultations
Additional legal protections, like Custom Data Processing AgreementsAvailable add-on
Volume discounts
Flexible MTU allocation
Email support Weekdays 12am–5pm PT Weekdays 12am–5pm PT
Live chat support Available add-on
Customer Success Manager (CSM), guided onboarding & implementation, and professional services Available add-on

Plan comparison

Analytics & Reporting

Live funnels: Measure funnel conversions
Retention: Analyze retention with power curves
Flows: Visualize most common paths/journeys your users take
Insights: Powerful segmentation charts and formulas
Cohorts: Create groups of customers or personas and measure their behaviors
Dashboards: Publish metrics on web, mobile and TV
Raw data export12 monthsCustom

Automated & Predictive Analytics

Predictive correlation analysis
Automated anomaly detection
Automated segmentation
Predict user behaviors


Number of usersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Shared dashboards and reports
Dashboard email digests
Roles and permissions

Security & Compliance

GDPR compliant data deletion and export tooling
Data Processing Addendum
Two-factor authentication
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
Security consultations
Additional legal protections, like Custom Data Processing Agreements Add-on

Flexible pricing

Smoothing for seasonal traffic
Group / B2B AnalyticsAdd-on

Data Pipelines

Export to warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift Spectrum, BigQuery, AzureAdd-onAdd-on
Export to cloud storage platforms such as Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3 as a JSON fileAdd-onAdd-on

Messages & Experiments

Send targeted messages to users via email/push and in-appAdd-onAdd-on
Run A/B tests based on behaviors and personasAdd-onAdd-on

Customer Support

Email support
Live chat supportAdd-on
Customer Success Manager (CSM), guided onboarding & implementation, and professional servicesAdd-on


What are Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs)?

Monthly Tracked Users are calculated across all projects in an organization. For each project, MTUs are calculated as the number of unique users with at least one event in the last month.

In rare cases, where your users average more than 1000 events each, MTUs will be calculated as the total number of events divided by 1000. Learn more.

What if I go over my prepaid monthly or annual MTU amount?

We don't stop collecting your data. Once you've finished using your prepaid amount of monthly tracked users you'll be charged our à la carte rate (20% above our normal plan rates) for each additional user tracked that month.

What's the difference between monthly and annual plans?

Customers on annual plans prepay for monthly tracked users for the entire year and receive a discount for their commitment. The annual plan allows you to purchase MTUs at a lower rate.

What do you mean by data history limits? Are you deleting my data?

While we store all data sent to us by our customers, we do limit the length of time that a customer can query this data on some of our plans. Upgrading your account will provide access to more historical data.

How can I estimate my MTUs?

To get an idea of your MTU count, add your monthly active users to the number of anonymous visitors you get per month. Some tools also call this metric "Monthly Unique Visitors."

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