Mixpanel for Startups
Startup program

The most powerful product analytics, now for free

Successful startups excel at understanding how customers use their products. That’s why we’re giving early-stage startups free access to Mixpanel’s Growth plan for 1 year via the Mixpanel Startups Program.


What you get

Eligible startups get $50,000 in credits towards the Mixpanel Growth plan. The credits will be valid for 1 year and cover costs for the plan as well as additional data fees.

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What happens after I consume my credits?

After your credits are consumed or expire, you’ll have the option to continue using the Growth plan or transition to the Free plan.


Eligibility criteria

Founded less than 2 years ago. Raised no more than $5M in funding. Not currently on any of Mixpanel’s paid plans.


What if I don’t qualify?

Sign up for our Free plan, which gives you 10x the data limits of any other plan on the market.

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Analyze deeper, get answers faster

Understand every part of the user journey—even across multiple sessions and devices. Mixpanel’s powerful event-based analytics enable you to go deeper than tools like Google Analytics and Firebase, so you can find actionable insights to improve your product even as it grows in complexity.


Boost funnel performance

Build funnels on the fly and segment them by any user attribute or behavior. Or, identify important user paths to see where different users get stuck, and get on-demand insights on users that affect key conversion metrics. Mixpanel’s advanced conversion analysis lets you find out which users convert best and why.


Mixpanel’s cost structure spoke to us. We saw other tools with fine free features, but the features that you really wanted were behind this paywall and you had to sign up for a big ticket expense to get those. Mixpanel allows you to graduate that spend.

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Ship features that move the needle

Assess the impact of new features by tracking how they cause changes in any KPI—no data science team necessary. Know with confidence which features make a difference so you can prioritize development resources on what matters.


Grow without outpacing your stack

Mixpanel’s flexible MTU-based pricing scales with your business without ballooning costs. Plus, our scalable infrastructure and extensive integrations ensure that Mixpanel can seamlessly handle your ever-increasing data volume and tech stack.


Find and fix
drivers of churn

Analyze retention data to see which users stick around and for how long. Identify user groups that retain best and uncover what causes others to churn, so you can retain more users, increase customer lifetime value, and boost business growth.


Mixpanel Startup Program

  • Improve conversion rate
  • Build impactful features
  • Retain more users