Why choose Mixpanel vs. Google Analytics?

Tired of slow load times, mystifying attribution models, and cumbersome reports? You’re in the right place. Behavioral analysis is fast, easy, and intuitive with Mixpanel’s powerful alternative to GA 4.

Simple, intuitive, powerful

Say goodbye to confusing workflows and limited reports. Exploring data is easy and enjoyable with Mixpanel. See for yourself what customers say.

Recently tried Mixpanel & Google Analytics on the same app & Mixpanel UX just blows every other option out of the water.Rakesh G.Founder at Snipply
Remember that feeling when you switched from a Nokia brick phone to a smartphone with a touchscreen? I’m getting that same feeling when I switched from Firebase + Google Analytics to Mixpanel.Richard W.Founder at Tensor
Mixpanel has proven to be a very useful tool both for our UX, product, and marketing teams and has allowed us to gain additional insights into how our players navigate the platformMaria Laura ScuriDirector of Operations at FACEIT

Mixpanel vs. GA4

Events-based analytics model
Real-time, self-serve data
14+ Months Historical Data
Integrations oustide the Google ecosystem
Review raw, complete (unsampled) data
8+ attribution models 
with definitions
Out of the box templates
Measure revenue impact of your site performance
ROAS of all advertising platforms (beyond Google Ads)
Powerful analysis

Deeper analysis of the how and why

Find more about user journeys with Mixpanel’s advanced segmentation and flexible funnel and retention reports. You can track conversions at each step, analyze multi-step conversions by segment, identify funnel drop-offs, discover retention trends, and more.

Multi-touch attribution

Compare attribution model ROI

Track different user interaction channels and compare models like time-decay, participation, or a custom model that fits your goals. You’ll get an overview of all online and offline marketing for a complete campaign and user journey analysis.

Easy-to-build custom reports

10x faster than GA4

Design your own metrics and personalize your dashboard. You can quickly and effectively communicate stories with our core reports (insights, funnels, flows, and retention), and ready-to-use templates.

Creative assets for enhanced dashboards

See the impact of your marketing

Give cross-functional teams more context by integrating videos and images that showcase what’s winning (or losing) in the market. Teams can quickly identify current trends and act accordingly.

Mixpanel Migration Guide

Learn how to get Mixpanel up and running in minutes.

Why Mixpanel?
A side by side comparison

A detailed comparison to help you understand if Mixpanel is a better fit.

Why choose Mixpanel over GA4

Learn about the benefits and long-term success you can get when choosing Mixpanel.

Turn data into decisions