Why choose Mixpanel vs. Google Analytics?

If you’re considering upgrading from Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4, look no further. Mixpanel delivers more powerful behavioral analysis in an astonishingly easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Simple, intuitive, powerful

Say goodbye to confusing workflows and limited reports. Exploring data is easy and enjoyable with Mixpanel. See for yourself what customers say.

Recently tried Mixpanel & Google Analytics on the same app & Mixpanel UX just blows every other option out of the water.Rakesh G.Founder at Snipply
Remember that feeling when you switched from a Nokia brick phone to a smartphone with a touchscreen? I’m getting that same feeling when I switched from Firebase + Google Analytics to Mixpanel.Richard W.Founder at Tensor
The fast and intuitive interface provided by Mixpanel, decreased the barrier of entry, which in turn greatly contributed towards building a data-driven culture.Henrique B.CTO at Primephonic

Mixpanel vs. GA4

Events-based model for tracking users across mobile + web applications
Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
Real-time analysis with 99% of data available within seconds, not hours
Ability to retain & analyze data from >14 months ago
Integrations with third party tools for engagement, attribution, A/B testing, etc.

Delightfully easy user interface

Mixpanel is the only tool that supports true data enrichment. Our data model allows for retroactive enrichment, which joins historical events with new business data. We provide the most flexible way to answer your most important questions.


Deeper analysis of the how & why

With better segmentation and more flexible funnels and retention reports, Mixpanel helps you understand how users convert or drop off at every step of their journey.

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