Why choose Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is the most advanced solution for cross-platform user analytics and engagement. Learn why thousands of customers go beyond Google Analytics to build great products and customer experiences.

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Out of the box tracking and reporting

Unsampled, accurate user data

Act on real-time customer and product data

Custom alerts for core KPIs

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Stevie Award

Mixpanel has a gold Stevie Award-winning Sales and Customer Service team.

Why Google Analytics isn’t enough

Mixpanel’s infrastructure runs powerful behavioral queries in seconds. Our machine learning helps you understand the why. Custom properties, formulas and calculations will let you author metrics that matter to the entire business. See why Mixpanel is the best alternative to Google Analytics.

compare funnels

Deeply understand conversion

Visually compare funnels by up to three properties or cohorts at once to answer questions like “How do various segments convert across each step?” or “Which segment converts the fastest?”. You can also create cohorts of users that either convert or drop off at any step along the way to investigate further.

User Flows

Improve your customer journey

Pick an action, such as “Purchase” or “Watch Video” and see how users get there (no matter the amount of steps), what drives them away from there, and what they do afterward, so you know how to improve their experience. Compare patterns of returning users versus new users to spot where they get stuck in the UI.

Analyze group behvaiors

Uncover behaviors taken by multiple people

Build retention, funnels, and insights reports based on account identifiers or other group identifiers. For example, did one friend accept an invite sent from another friend? Did all signees co-sign a contract? Did all verifiers signoff on their respective project stages?

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Customer Service Department of the Year

Stevie Awards

Top Company In Cloud Computing

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How Mixpanel compares to Google Analytics

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Out of the box report functionality

Fully cross-platform tracking and reporting, spanning mobile, web, and any other digital property

Option for unsampled, sampled at ingestion, or sampled at query time, so you know your critical metrics are accurate

Go beyond analyzing individual user behaviors by grouping data by account, device—or any other way you want to assess your business

Track your KPIs on the go with a mobile app

95% CSAT and Gold Stevie award winner for outstanding customer support

Uncover power users with hourly, daily, or monthly retention analysis

Fully customizable and ad-hoc tracking and behavioral cohorts that generate insights that are relevant to your business initiatives and KPIs

Native messaging including email, webhooks, SMS, push and in-app messages, so you can take action on your data

View historical events (those that occurred before implementation) to understand how your business has changed over time

Flexible data model that allows you to easily add custom events or properties and merge/rename events or properties to uncover data specific to your companies needs

Open APIs & 30+ turnkey integrations

Answer more questions with cohorts over time, on-demand analysis, compare funnels, and more