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Why choose Mixpanel?

Mixpanel offers the most sophisticated and self-serve product analytics. It’s the only tool on the market that helps PMs thoroughly understand three key questions: What happened? What should I do? Did it work?

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Easily measure user behavior with self-serve reports

Run reports and create cohorts of users from the results

Understand the frequency of product use for retained users

Build reports based on group identifiers

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Mixpanel is the customer's choice for best web and mobile app software of 2019, according to Gartner.

Why Heap isn't enough

Mixpanel provides sophisticated analytics you can trust. Heap was built for ease, codeless tracking allows you to get up and running quickly, however, you will lack the ability for deep analysis. You will be subject to default tracking that doesn’t fit your product or site and UX changes can break tracking and lead to poor data.

Deep cohort analysis
Deep cohort analysis

Understand your user segments

Without predefining an audience, create a cohort of users based on report results. See how behavior changes over time through rolling cohorts. And nest cohorts into one another for deeper analysis.

Customer journey flows
Understand Your Users

Improve your customer journey

Pick an action, such as “Purchase” or “Watch Video,” and see how users get there (no matter the amount of steps), what drives them away from there, and what they do afterward, so you know how to improve their experience. Compare patterns of returning users versus new users to spot where they get stuck in the UI.

Group Behaviors
Analyze group behaviors

Uncover behaviors taken by multiple people

Build retention, funnels, and insights reports based on account identifiers or other group identifiers. For example, did one friend accept an invite sent from another friend? Did all signees co-sign a contract? Did all verifiers signoff on their respective project stages?

Impact Reporting

Measure the impact of launches and campaigns on key business and product metrics

Understand how your efforts change user behavior, isolating against external factors and coincidence so you can know with confidence whether your feature launches or campaigns drove improvements and resulted in a positive change.

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How Mixpanel compares to Heap

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Measure user behavior

Analyze users with out-of-the-box and self-serve reports.

Easily segment your audience

Without having an audience predefined, run a report and create a cohort of users directly from the report's results.

Deeply understand your most engaged users

View the frequency or intensity of retained users and see if they’re using your product by the minute, hour, or day, etc.

Analyze your data from various angles

Build retention, funnels, and insights reports based on company, account or other group identifiers.

On-demand and proactively-surfaced insights

Leverage machine learning to run prediction and correlation analysis.

Process, protect, and store user data in Europe

Comply with European data protection regulations and requirements while crafting better user experiences.

Discover user journeys of any length and complexity

Uncover insights on customer conversion and drop-offs with unlimited steps in user flow analysis.

Spend engineering time more wisely

More control over where to send your data including data warehouses and/or cloud storage platforms. Choose how often data gets sent and in what format.

Real-time, auto-refreshed dashboards

No need to refresh dashboards, your most important metrics will always be up to date.

See your KPIs on the go

View your dashboards or other reports on mobile using an app.

Secure and trustworthy implementation

Collect accurate data and answer detailed and specific questions with greater confidence in the protection of your users's privacy.

Test and optimize your app

Ability to measures the effects of product or marketing launches on your key metrics

Award-winning support & services

95% CSAT and 10 years of experience servicing 26,000+ customers.