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Companies use Mixpanel to build exceptional customer experiences.

Mixpanel ingests 60 terabytes of data daily from customers of every size, in every industry. Forward-thinking, people-first, and data-driven, our customers use Mixpanel to engage their customers, accelerate growth, and reach their business goals.

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When our customers win, we win too.

See how our customers—from some of the world's largest companies to the most innovative startups—use Mixpanel to reach their business goals.

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How Grabr grows its peer-to-peer travel marketplace with user analytics

Grabr, the global peer-to-peer shopping and travel marketplace, offers users a friendlier way for people to shop for international purchases around th...

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How Viber used Mixpanel to increase messaging by 15% for one billion users

To understand what makes Viber more fun for their users, the team looks to usage data to get a holistic to know where to make product updates.

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Lemonade drives 6x growth with Mixpanel's user insights

With 100,00+ policyholders and counting, Lemonade optimizes partner and paid acquisition channels and educates its consumers.

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Hidden Valley Ranch increased web engagement by 30%

Clorox has seen double-digit growth in its e-commerce business in each of the past two years—a trend that Web Analytics Group Manager Kesha Patel is...

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Fortune 100 media co. increases value of digital viewers

A Fortune 100 media company came to Mixpanel with two main challenges: adapt to drastic changes in the way people consume content without serving ads ...

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How Vente-Privee drives three billion in revenue with Mixpanel

The product team at Vente-Privee knew that “improving mobile experience” would need to come from first developing a strong sense of customer behav...

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How codeSpark retains 85% of first month users

Since 2014, over 20 million kids in 208 countries have learned the ABCs of computer science with codeSpark’s flagship app, codeSpark Academy.

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How Mixpanel inspired a new B2B tool in Ticketmaster ONE

Ticketmaster ONE’s product owners measure and build the platform like a business-to-business SaaS solution.

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Revolution Messaging discovered campaign insights for Bernie 2016

Leading a digital presidential campaign required connecting an ecosystem of web and mobile platforms, online stores, fundraising mechanisms, and dispa...

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Customer Success Story

Mixpanel provides us with the insights we need to optimize purchase funnels and build out a fashion ecosystem that our customers love and designer brands want to sell to.

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Learn how Sunrun leverages Mixpanel's user data in its effort to change the world for the better and create a renewable future.


Sunrun is the leading provider of residential solar electricity and focused on creating a planet that is run by the sun.

Sunrun aims to create the most elegant experience possible to help its customers adopt solar. With Mixpanel’s user analytics, Sunrun can deeply understand every touchpoint of the customer journey, drive strategy, move projects forward, foster discussion between teams, and increase customer adoption.


Driving impact

How can user behavior analytics impact your business?

We collected hundreds of responses from active customers who shared how they improved their key performance metrics using Mixpanel.

90%  of teams feel they have become more confident in their decision making.

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Mixpanel enables DocuSign to be successful because it enables our customers to be successful. What started as a need for simple marketing metrics turned into custom product metrics for over 100 different stakeholders across the company. avatar01 Drew Ashlock Product Manager

79%  of teams feel they have become faster in their decision making.

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Viber needed a tool for the product managers to make quick and smart decisions. With Mixpanel, we get the answers we need to execute on our vision. viber logo Oz Radiano Senior Product Manager
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