🚀 Introducing Warehouse Connectors 2.0: Get the UI you love, on data you trust.
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Product truth for everyone

Mixpanel makes it easy for teams to explore their data and understand what’s working, or not. No delays. No SQL.
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Designed for the long-haul

Mixpanel can handle your data, no matter how big you’ll grow.
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Lightning-fast queries at scale
With our custom data architecture, Mixpanel answers 21M questions and processes 1T events every month — and we’re only getting faster at scale.
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Bring in trusted data
Analyze data from the systems you trust, by syncing with your data warehouse or integrating with your customer data platform (CDP).
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Connect to your existing ecosystem
Connect Mixpanel to other productivity, marketing, or data tools and use product data anywhere it may be useful.

Analytics everyone enjoys using

Building products is a team sport. Mixpanel makes it easy for everyone in the company to make critical product decisions together, faster. Unlock innovation by helping teams help themselves to data.
Within Mixpanel, you can filter reports based on who created it. Improve data literacy and streamline collaboration.
An intuitive user interface
Easy to learn, easy to find insights quickly. With an intuitive self-serve interface, Mixpanel democratizes decision-making by allowing anyone to get the answers they need.
Share stories, not just numbers
Data keeps teams aligned and aware. Mixpanel’s Boards are flexible and interactive so your team can share insights with context via text, images, or videos.

Trustworthy product security

Store and query your data with confidence. It’s secure and protected with Mixpanel’s advanced controls and comprehensive compliance.
Secure access and provisioning
Give employees access to Mixpanel via SAML-based single sign-on (SSO), and automate user provisioning with SCIM API.
Flexibility where you need it most. Easily manage user, team, and data permissions with Mixpanel self serve analytics.
More oversight with admin controls
Set granular user, team, and data permissions via our Admin Panel.
Compliance with data laws
Mixpanel is compliant with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA, and more.
Data Governance

Better data, better decisions

Data-driven is great only if your data is reliable. Keep your data clean and trustworthy over time by defining and managing data within Mixpanel.
Your data dictionary surfaces metadata directly in the analysis interface, so you can get context without leaving your workflow. With complete context, your team can make decisions quickly and confidently.
With Mixpanel product analytics, you can create filtered views to surface the most relevant data. And it’s easy to update as you grow.
Data Views
Not all data is useful to all teams, all the time. Within a single Mixpanel project, you can create filtered views so that your team only sees the most relevant data. As your team grows, you can update this configuration on the fly.
Customer Success

Guidance from our experts

Building a great user experience is hard. We get it, we’re builders too. Access expert guidance and strategic planning from our tenured Mixpanel team at any time, and rest assured that you’re in good hands.
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Customer success partnership
We’ll help you strategically enable self-serve analysis by working with you to define metrics, collect data, and build dashboards — and scale these best practices org wide.
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Meet you in your workflows
Our team is flexible to work with you wherever you need. Whether you prefer live trainings via Zoom or asynchronous contact via Slack, Notion, and Loom, we’ll meet you where you are.
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Support and elevated SLAs
When those critical questions pop up, rest assured that our support team will come to your rescue, with responses as quickly as within the hour for qualifying packages.
We’ll help you get answers