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Keep customer data safe

Protect customer data from end to end and meet data privacy and transfer regulations. Mixpanel is built to keep your information confidential and secure.
Keep customer data safe.
Protect customer data in transit and at rest
Comply with global privacy and security regulations
Control tracking to avoid collecting personal data

Greater peace of mind

Mixpanel can handle your data, no matter how big you’ll grow.
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Protect personal data
We’re committed to keeping your personal data safe. We’ve built Mixpanel in compliance with industry best practices and major laws like the GDPR and the CPPA.
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Process and store customer data in Europe
Craft better user experiences while complying with European data protection regulations and requirements. Mixpanel offers a European data residency program to ensure your data remains in the EU — available across all plans, at no charge.
Data protection

Protect your data — both in transit and at rest

Mixpanel’s secure software development practices and capabilities help you manage cybersecurity risks.
Mixpanel self serve analytics is safe, secure, and compliant with SOC 2 Type 2 certification, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more.
Native SOC 2 Type II
Mixpanel product analytics gives you flexible, fine grain control over user, data, and team permissions
User permissions and role controls
Keep your data safe and secure with advanced encryption capabilities in Mixpanel product analytics
Advanced encryption capabilities
Our business is based on helping you use your data to make better decisions, not on selling or enriching data
Unlock truth for everyone