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Why choose Mixpanel vs. Amplitude?

Mixpanel has more powerful analysis capabilities in a simpler and easier-to-use interface. See for yourself why Mixpanel is the industry leader in providing a best-in-class product analytics experience.

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Simple, intuitive, powerful

Best-in-class UI/UX to make data analysis as easy as possible. Don’t just take our word for it—see what our customers have to say.

“Developers, instead of accepting magic numbers – active users on page, and sessions per timeframe – take a look at Mixpanel and see how easy, beautiful and still POWERFUL new tools are.” Borys K. Senior Frontend Engineer at Castor
“I’m still amazed at how easy it is to generate impressive insights with tools 
like Mixpanel.” Adam U. Software Engineer at Camunda
“Recently tried Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Google Analytics on the same app and Mixpanel UX just blows every other option out of the water. Such a thoughtfully crafted analytics experience.” Rakesh G. CEO at Snipply

Mixpanel vs. Amplitude

Ability to enrich behavioral data with business and demographic data

Out-of-box reports for basic conversion, engagement, and retention analysis

Self-serve dashboard to create reports and visualize user behavior

Advanced conversion and user journey analysis—e.g., calculate repeat conversions or flows between events

Simple implementation with computation occurring at query time

Versatile APIs that evolve with your data stack and avoid data silos

Data enrichment

Data enrichment
for a more powerful data model

Mixpanel is the only tool that supports true data enrichment. Our data model allows for retroactive enrichment, which joins historical events with new business data. We provide the most flexible way to answer your most important questions.

🚀 Unique to Mixpanel
  • Forgot something at implementation? No sweat. Easily enrich properties like “video name” with an additional field like “genre” to analyze video engagement in seconds.
  • Forego tedious data cleanup with retroactive changes to duplicate categories, e.g. “Action” vs “Action & Adventure”.
Flexible implementation

Easy implementation
& data maintenance

Our infrastructure computes critical details like sessions and top events at query time, so you don’t have to worry about setting everything up perfectly at implementation time.

🚀 Unique to Mixpanel
  • Update demographic or business data at any time with retroactive enrichment. Nothing’s perfect the first time around – give yourself breathing room to fix incorrect data.
Conversion analysis

conversion analysis

Mixpanel is the only product analytics tool that measures the total number of times users convert, and compares user journeys of users who convert to those who don’t.

🚀 Unique to Mixpanel
  • Compare two funnels or paths in the same chart
  • Segment by first or last touch attribution
  • Count the total conversions or repeat conversions by the same user. For example, how many app opens lead to bookings?


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