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Make better decisions, together

Let everyone question and understand your product, marketing, and revenue data.
Mixpanel Boards give your whole team easy access to key metrics throughout the user journey
Write it down
With added text and images, you have a versatile canvas to share context.
Find insights in your data? Record a quick video of your discovery and share it in context. Mixpanel makes it easy.
Make it memorable
Express your creativity with GIFs & video. Your board is up to any fun task.
Stay focused in your workflow. Embed Mixpanel real-time product analytics in Notion, Jira, Confluence, Miro, and dozens of other tools.
Hone your ideas
Embed reports into your favorite design and productivity tools, such as Figma and Coda.

Answers at your fingertips

Every day, people give feedback through billions of actions they perform in your product. Through an interactive UI, you can ask questions and dig in deeper to get clarity.
Analyze why metrics change
Break down by behavior, demographics, or account type. Endless ways to slice, dice, and get insights in seconds.
Get to the root cause
Understand the hidden patterns beneath a trend. Zoom in on any segment to root cause points of friction in the product.
Supercharge your thinking
Validate your assumptions quickly, so you can get back to building — and analysts can focus on other things.

Set goals. See metrics move.

Even complex behavioral metrics can be defined in a few clicks with Mixpanel. Measure what matters and see if things are getting better or worse.
Power to define any metric
Monitor growth and engagement. Know how current trends compare to the past.
Quantify success
View how users convert at each step in a critical user journey. Uncover hidden friction points.
Journey, not destination
Monitor and analyze retention, and make changes that lead to customer loyalty.

Catch regressions. Celebrate wins.

Did it work? Get to the bottom of it to size the potential of a new feature and see the true impact of campaigns and product changes.
See the impact
Validate the results of what you shipped and avoid costly decision missteps.
Make each release count
Test feature variants to find out what’s working. Deploy high-quality releases that wow your users.
Foundation for your growth
Spend wisely on campaigns that bring engaged, loyal users across all devices, channels, and platforms.
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