Why choose Mixpanel vs. Pendo?

Mixpanel is the most powerful product analytics tool, and the leading Pendo alternative—enabling you to precisely track & securely collect data in real-time, proactively surface insights, and export data to the destination of your choice.

Mixpanel saves every Product Manager, at minimum, half a days work, every week. And with Anomaly Detection, the most important user priorities surface to us instantly. GIL SADIS - HEAD OF PRODUCT

Mixpanel vs. Pendo for Product Analytics

Out-of-the-box reports to analyze in product usage and performance.
Web dashboards to organize important product metrics in one place.
Impact analysis that links product updates and feature launches to changes they cause in key metrics.
Experiment analysis that compares the results of your A/B tests on multiple key metrics across entire dashboards.
Ability to compare in product user paths for any user cohort or segment.
Sophisticated cohort definitions and cohort size tracking over time.
Query time sampling for quick analyses on large data sets without dropping user data.
On the fly data transformation capabilities to answer more questions with existing data.
Ability to track both event-level data and true user-level data to enable data enrichment.
Value-based pricing that scales with the growth of your user base, not event volume.
Award-winning services and support team.
Access to data syncs with dozens of technology partners at no additional cost.
EU data residency for processing and storage of customers' personal data at no additional cost.

Learn if your product launches deliver results

Eliminate doubts and isolate external factors to know with confidence whether your feature launches or campaigns drove improvements and resulted in a positive change.


Gain data autonomy without developer bottlenecks

Mixpanel’s Modeling Layer lets you easily transform data with Excel-like formulas. Create custom buckets, compute new properties, segment on the fly, or enrich existing data by uploading CSVs—Mixpanel lets you get more answers from the data you already have.


Know how and why users convert

Understand how users move through your product and track drop-off at every step. Mixpanel is the only product analytics tool that can measure the total number of times users convert, and compare user journeys of users who convert to those who don’t.


Get up and running quickly, and bring all your data

Send your historical data into Mixpanel all at once—or sync transformed, cleaned, and enriched data from your data lake via Amazon S3 or GCP. Mixpanel’s Cloud Import lets you spend less time implementing and more time acting on your data.

Build better products