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Why choose Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is the only product analytics solution that lets you precisely track and securely collect data in real-time, proactively surface insights, and export data to the destination of your choice. Learn why customers choose Mixpanel over Pendo.

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Easily measure user behavior with self-serve reports

Get accurate customer and product data in real time

Track cross-platform customer behavior

Measure user journeys of any length and complexity

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Mixpanel is the customer's choice for best web and mobile app software of 2019, according to Gartner.

Mixpanel is the leading product analytics tool

Mixpanel provides sophisticated analytics you can trust. Pendo was built for ease, codeless tracking allows you to get up and running quickly, however, you will lack the ability for deep analysis. Mixpanel is  the only product on the market that helps PMs thoroughly understand three key questions: What happened? What should I do? Did it work?

Deep cohort analysis
Full-funnel analysis

Help users convert

Understand how much a user segment drives conversion rates up or down. You can set up recurring campaigns targeting users who drop off throughout the lifecycle to drive them to convert.

Customer journey flows
Understand your users

Improve your customer journey

Pick an action, such as “Purchase” or “Watch Video” and see how users get there (no matter the amount of steps), what drives them away from there, and what they do afterward, so you know how to improve their experience. Compare patterns of returning users versus new users to spot where they get stuck in the UI.

Experiment Reporting

Drive product releases with a higher degree of efficacy

Measure and compare the impact of your various controlled A/B tests on key metrics across product dashboards. This is a full report dedicated to analyzing experiment results.

Customers’ Choice for Web & Mobile App Analytics

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Best Customer Data Automation for Growth

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How Mixpanel compares to Pendo

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Measure user behavior

Analyze users with out-of-the-box and self-serve reports

Data in seconds, not hours

Whatever information is important to your business, get accurate customer and product data in real time

Fully cross-platform

10+ SDKs, allowing you to track your customers’ mobile, web, and even IoT behavior

Measure user journeys of any length and complexity

Uncover insights on customers conversion and drop-offs with unlimited user journey steps

On-demand and proactively-surfaced insights

Leverage machine learning to run prediction and correlation analysis

Segmentation by audiences and cohorts

Granularly segment audiences based on behaviors or properties and visualize the cohorts across reports

Secure and trustworthy implementation

Have full control over the data that is collected to ensure your users information is never compromised and trust what you track never changes

Customer engagement partners

Comprehensive suite of integrations including: Braze, AppsFlyer, Airship, iterable, Marketo, and more

Move data freely

Send and keep data sent to multiple industry-leading data warehouses or blob stores, GDPR compliant, and in sync (Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Azure, and Snowflake)

Recognized across trusted sources

Awards from TrustRadius, Forrester, Gartner, Stevie Awards, G2 Crowd, and more

Award-winning support & services

95% CSAT and 10 years of experience servicing 26,000+ customers