Autotrack for web. Collect everything and track anything. Never miss a metric again.

Never worry about forgetting to ask your developer to track a metric again. Autotrack for web collects everything so that you can track anything, at any time, and access the full history of your data. Whatever you want to know about your users is just one click away, no additional code needed. And you’ll only pay for the metrics you actually use.

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Full retroactive analytics

As your product evolves and improves, you won't always know which metrics matter—until they do. Never fear: Mixpanel collects all of the data about user actions on your website from day one. Those events and metrics are ready for analysis whenever you are.

Point. Click. Measure.

Choosing what to track on your website has never been easier. Simply click on any element on your site in our editor, such as a new button or video link, and that action is instantly tracked and loaded to your reports in Mixpanel. Spend your time analyzing how people use your site, not how to track them.

Get context on your
metrics instantly.

Understanding what you're measuring is just as important as measuring it. You might not always remember what each event is—that’s okay. Everyone on your team can easily view what you are tracking on your website. Now you can make better decisions with a clear understanding of your data.

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Mixpanel has an SDK you can install on every major platform including mobile.
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