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Answer more product questions

Mixpanel makes powerful analysis accessible to anyone. Interactive reports let you query your data with only a few clicks, then see visualizations in seconds. This makes it easy to answer question after question about how your product is used, who sticks around, and much more.

Visualize & break down
engagement trends
Build funnels & find
key retention drivers
See the impact of product
launches & experiments
Insights Report

Analyze product usage in detail

Slice and dice user behavior trends to explore them from all angles. See how often users perform meaningful actions, monitor growth of key user cohorts, like power users, and know how current trends compare to previous results.

insights report

One of things I love the most about Mixpanel is that it’s easy to learn. If a product manager has never used Mixpanel before, I can give them a 5-10 minute tour and they’re off to the races, building funnels and writing reports.

Vince Maniago VP of Product Management
Funnels Report

Know who converts and why

Build funnels on the fly, then break them down by any user attribute or behavior to understand which users convert best. Or, locate the funnel steps that cause friction, so you can better engage users before they drop off.

Flows Report

Identify important user paths to remove friction

Discover the actions users take after they sign up or before they make a purchase, and learn what your power users do differently than everyone else. You can also find the top user flows throughout your whole product to see where people get stuck.

Retention REPORT

See which users stick around, and for how long

Understand how often users come back, and visualize feature stickiness. Go deeper by slicing and dicing retention data to identify which user groups retain best, and what causes churn.

Impact Report

Learn if launches deliver results

Know how new features affect user behavior so you can manage your resources and ship smarter. Use state-of-the-art causal inference models to account for biases and external factors—all without involving your data science team.


Understand each user segment

Group your users based on actions they did or didn’t take in your product. Zoom in on the users that qualify for your cohorts, and use cohorts across any Mixpanel report to see how results differ for every user segment.

Experiments Report

Measure which A/B test variants succeed

Identify experiments that have the best overall impact on your users to prioritize development resources. Track how your variants affect multiple metrics over time and see if your results are statistically significant—all in one place.

Signal Report

Identify behaviors that lead to long-term retention

Correlate in-product actions with user engagement, retention, or any meaningful event, such as making a purchase. Use your findings to nudge users towards the actions that lead them to experience value and stick around.


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