Behavioral Analytics

Deeply analyze behavior with out-of-the-box reports

Mixpanel helps companies use data to grow their business. Out-of-the-box reports make it easy for teams to build reports that monitor KPIs and go deep in analyzing user behavior, so you can build better campaigns and products.

Insights query showing power users in the last 96 hours

Quickly segment and visualize your data

Build visualizations to answer questions like “how do this year’s logins compare to last year’s?” and break it down by week, browser, device, or any other segment, so you know where to dig deeper.

User Profiles

Learn about your users

Zoom in on a single user’s profile and activity feed, to understand who they are, and where they’re hitting roadblocks in your product.

Cohorts analysis example query showing power users in the last 96 hours
Cohort Analysis

Compare how different groups of users behave

Understand how groups of users that matter to you differ in terms of behavior, retention, churn, and more so that you can drive them to optimal action.


Visualize how users explore your products and websites

Pick an action, such as “Purchase” or “Watch Video”, and see how users get there, what leads them away from there, and what they do afterwards, so you know how to guide them. Compare patterns of returning users to new users to spot where they get stuck in the UI.

Funnels report showing how many users converted in a specific time period

Monitor and improve conversion rates

Identify opportunities to increase conversion rates, by pinpointing where and when users drop off in your product or marketing campaign.

Retention report showing how long users were retained from two cohorts: New and Power Users

Keep users coming back

See if new users who try your product each day, week, or month are coming back after you add or improve features.

Custom Alerts

Get notified when metrics you care about most change

Custom Alerts give you peace of mind that you won’t miss any important movement in your metrics, like a sudden drop or spike in your KPI’s.

Group Analytics

Measure and improve the health of your accounts

Go beyond analyzing individual user behaviors by grouping data by account, device—or any other way you want to assess your business. Measure account health, calculate the lifetime value of your assets, drive adoption, and more.


Share progress on key metrics

Keep a pulse on your most important metrics with Mixpanel’s easy-to-build Dashboards. Share them with your team through email digests, and let Mixpanel notify you when your metrics hit a certain number, or change by a certain amount.

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