Why choose Mixpanel?

Get more mileage out of your granular customer data by using it to power hyper-targeted, personalized campaigns. Track its impact on your KPIs—all from one seamless, integrated platform.

logo-mixpanel Legacy marketing tools

Easily build cross-channel campaigns in minutes, no coding required

Needs certified experts and technical knowledge to build and execute campaigns

Powerful targeting based on any actions users take on your app or site, demographic data, and message actions

Disjointed targeting based on list uploads or message interactions

In-depth analysis to tie campaign performance to increases in conversion, engagement, and retention

Can’t easily link message opens to product behavior or changes in KPIs

Value-based pricing: only pay for the users who interact with your messages or your product

Subscriber-based pricing: pay per subscriber on your list, regardless of if they interact with your message/product

An integrated engagement stack

Mixpanel offers the most comprehensive user targeting on the market, so you can send users personalized, relevant messages, at the right time. Use granular behavioral data, like viewing a pricing page, or saving an item to your favorites list, to decide what kind of message someone should receive. Then, measure how your campaigns impact your KPIs, all in Mixpanel.


Specify exactly who you want to reach

Target users based on any action they’ve taken (or haven’t taken) on your mobile app and your website, like those who create an account, save a playlist, but don’t complete their profile. Combine those criteria with demographic data to get granular in your targeting.

Machine Learning

Let Mixpanel identify the right users to target

Use Predict to surface the users that are more or less likely to do something, like complete a purchase or upgrade their account. Nudge the users who are on the fence along with targeted messages.

Customer journey flows

Measure how campaigns moved your metrics

Build detailed reports to see exactly what happens after users receive, open, or interact with a message to clearly understand the impact of the campaign. See if your push notifications actually drive more conversions, and see what users do before using the coupon code you sent.

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