Why choose Mixpanel?

Get higher engagement, conversion, and retention rates with Mixpanel’s best-in-class user targeting and analytics.

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Cross-channel: email, mobile & web in-app messaging, SMS, webhooks

Email-focused only

Powerful targeting based on any actions users take on your app or site, demographic data, and message actions

Lightweight targeting based on message actions or demographics

In-depth analysis that ties campaign performance to in-product behaviors like conversion, engagement, and retention

Basic open and click analytics

Value-based pricing: only pay for the users who interact with your messages

List-based pricing: pay for every user who receives your messages, regardless of if they read them or engage with your product

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An integrated engagement stack

Build omnichannel campaigns that target users with the right message, at the right time, all within Mixpanel. Go beyond just campaign performance to actually track in-product and revenue impact of your campaign. See why Mixpanel is the best alternative to Mailchimp.


Boost campaign performance by targeting specific groups

Determine the exact users you want to target based on behavioral data, like watching three videos or logging in less than five times. You can also target campaigns by demographic data, like age or location.

Full Innovation Loop

Reach users via push, email, SMS, and mobile or web in-app messages

Easily build beautifully branded, highly personalized messages and test multiple versions to see what works best—all in Mixpanel, no code required.

Customer journey flows

Measure how campaigns moved your metrics

Build detailed reports to see exactly what happens after users receive, open, or interact with a message to clearly understand the impact of the campaign. See if your push notifications actually drive more conversions, and see what users do before using the coupon code you sent.

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How Mixpanel compares to Mailchimp

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Set message targeting criteria based on actions users take (or don’t take) on your app or website

Create detailed cohorts of users from any report, like those that drop out of a funnel, to target with messages

Use demographic data as targeting criteria

Build cross- channel campaigns across email, in-product messaging, push notifications, SMS messages, and webhooks.

Basic email reporting (open rate, unsubscribes)

Visualize how messages influence user behavior with Flow analysis

Tie campaign results to changes in user retention

Measure conversion improvements with funnels

Prebuilt templates for fast campaign building

Easily customize templates with drag and drop email editing

Advanced dynamic content tailored to user preference and behavior

Only pay for users who open your messages or engage with your product, not every user on your subscriber list