The State of Product Analytics - Chapter 4 - Mixpanel
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Product analytics to create product-led growth

What’s getting in the way of product innovation?

in collaboration with


How do Mixpanel users stack up against others?

We compared survey data from Mixpanel customers and non-Mixpanel
customers to see how they stacked up.

Mixpanel users are…


more confident making product decisions


better able to get answers to their questions quickly


better able to innovate quickly and iterate on product updates

The data we get from Mixpanel is vital to what we do, every day. Teams across the company are able to answer their own analytics questions easily, without any developer skills. Jeff Parker, VP of Product Strategy & Design

Make faster decisions, more confidently.

The use of product analytics allows teams to make smarter decisions, move faster to improve customer experiences, and grow the business with a customer-first mindset.

In fact, nearly 78% of Mixpanel customers say they can make faster decisions since using Mixpanel and 84% are more confident in decision making.


Drive data innovation and product-led growth through analytics.

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