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Ship outcomes, not features

Whether you care about product adoption, retention, or other custom metrics, Mixpanel Boards summarize how the things you ship move the numbers that matter.

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Customizable Boards

Know how your metrics are trending

Use Mixpanel Boards to monitor all of your product's key performance indicators in one place. Unlike business intelligence (BI) dashboards, they're easy to customize and the data updates in real time, so your whole team can make decisions with the latest numbers.

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Nearly everyone at Lemonade uses Mixpanel, so we are all empowered to make informed decisions with data. For example, when we release a new feature and measure it with Mixpanel, we see its direct impact on the business and how many people are interested in it.

Gil Sadis Head of Product

Find downward trends before it's too late

You can only fix the problems you know about. Whether cart abandonment spiked or there's been a drop in user activation, Mixpanel can flag it for you. Control exactly when you're notified by selecting the reports to monitor and the thresholds that trigger alerts.

Easy sharing

Keep your team in the loop

Set up weekly email digests so all stakeholders have the latest numbers. When you discover an interesting trend, have a discussion in Slack. Through a simple integration, shared Mixpanel report links unfurl to preview the chart – even to those without a Mixpanel account.

Build better products

Powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.