Data governance

Keep your data clean

With clean and organized data, every teammate can access data they trust, understand what it means, and know how to build accurate reports with it.

Lexicon Data Dictionary

Help anyone understand what the data means

Categorize, define, and verify events and properties, so everyone in your organization trusts the data, understands what it means, and can easily pull the right data to build accurate reports.

Easily update event details such as name, display name, descriptions, tags, and status to keep your data clean
Data management

Easily keep projects tidy

Data is naturally messy, but Mixpanel has the tools that make it simple to fix common issues like outdated or duplicate data—no coding or implementation modifications necessary.

An automatic validation of an event in Mixpanel
Implementation QA

Let Mixpanel validate your data automatically

Map out the events and properties you want to track ahead of time and we’ll QA the data as it comes in, dropping bad data automatically so it doesn’t clutter your projects. Plus, if you accidentally send the same data twice, we’ll deduplicate it for you.

Easily manage permissions to ensure each employee has access to the data they need. For example, the design team is getting full admin access.

Manage Mixpanel access with ease

Easily ensure each employee has access to the right data, by managing permissions on the individual and team level.

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Your product’s future
could be hiding in your data

Better understand your users with Mixpanel.

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