“How do we compare to the competition?”

To find out, we looked at aggregated data from 1.3 billion unique users performing 50 billion events around the globe.

By analyzing this data on Mixpanel, we found average and best-in-class benchmarks in four popular industries for product innovation: financial services, media & entertainment, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and e-commerce & retail. Keep reading to see how your products stack up in your space.

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01 DAU/MAU by industry

What is average product stickiness by industry?

DAU/MAU is daily active users divided by monthly active users, otherwise known as stickiness. It measures how frequently your users are active in your product, expressed as a percentage of days with a visit during a given month.

Overall? Stickiness is hard to achieve. In even the most popular sector, media & entertainment, the median stickiness of 8.8% implies fewer than three days of activity per month per user.

01 Weekly retention by industry

What is average retention by industry?

Building a product that attracts people is one thing. Building one that keeps them is a lot better. In this case, retention measures whether a user who performed an action on an app returned to that same app after a certain period of time.

Across all sectors, the numbers are surprisingly uniform. People are as likely to abandon SaaS apps as they are to bail on a media & entertainment one after a week.

01 Activity by day of the week by industry

How does engagement change by day of the week?

Companies often want to know when their users are most active or engaged. In this graph, "engagement" means the total number of actions users perform and how those actions are distributed throughout the week.

While it’s no surprise to see that the weekend is less active across industries, the falloffs in finance and SaaS—which are likelier to be used in a business context—are largest.

01 Median conversion by industry

What's a "normal" conversion rate?

In the end, visits aren’t enough—what good is a window shopper? Companies need users to perform key actions related to broader business goals.

Media & entertainment companies want viewership, e-commerce wants to sell products, finance apps want you to complete transactions, and SaaS apps want subscribers. For e-commerce companies, converting one in twelve visitors into a sale puts you firmly in the middle of the pack.

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