How Mixpanel Customers Got a 298% ROI

Forrester Research: The Total Economic Impact of Mixpanel

Mixpanel commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a study on the total economic impact of our user analytics platform. Through in-depth interviews with five customers across industries, they found that our customers see a $1,403,792 return on investment.

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What's Inside

In this report, you’ll learn how Mixpanel how Mixpanel customers achieve a 298% and $1.4 million ROI, including: 

  • $456,041 in productivity savings from empowering teams to self serve analytics
  • $230,477 gross profit increase from higher customer retention and lifetime value
  • $1,179,514 in avoided costs associated with building and relying solely on an in-house solution
  • Payback in less than 6 months
I’ve used Mixpanel at many companies before—it’s the go-to market solution when you need product and user analytics. Gil Sadis, Head of Product at Lemonade
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